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Personal Training Studio 3011 78th Ave SE
Suite 140
Mercer Island, WA 98040

Personal Training Partners

A listing of local business partnerships around the Mercer Island, WA studio.

Dr. Mark Health (formerly known as ONVO)

In order to make sense of nutrition and take advantage of the natural bent our bodies have toward health, people need meaningful education, inspirational experiences, and a passionate connection to life built on honesty, goodness, and simplicity. Knowing that this is true is still overwhelming to people and that's where Dr. Mark does his best work: teaching people how to be healthy in a fun and relevant way—and being there throughout the process to remind them when they get busy and forget. Or when they eat a donut and feel like quitting. For the record, eating a donut is ok…sometimes. Through personal interaction and real contact with every client, a mindful and effective framework is designed that includes considerations for everything from what you should what kind of rest you should what types of motion to include in your daily routine. These “frameworks” are never rigorous plans to be followed to the letter, but a fluid space to move and breathe, built on the understanding that life itself works this way and that joy happens within rhythm, not rigid structure.

Mercer Island Physical Therapy

Mercer Island Physical Therapy, conveniently located in downtown Mercer Island in the Chase building, with free parking. At Mercer Island Physical Therapy, our mission is to help you get better, faster. We employ and develop highly skilled and thoroughly trained physical therapy healthcare providers. We provide one on one care to ensure we are addressing your needs. Our professional staff excels in determining the cause and origin of your condition, selecting and implementing the most effective and efficient treatments, and educating each patient how to assist in their own care. We specialize in treating upper extremity, lower extremity, back and neck pain, as well as working with individuals having balance and gait deficits. We also treat a wide variety of orthopedic conditions including sports injuries, joint replacements, work injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and chronic pain.

Movement Systems Physical Therapy

What is a movement system? It is a physiologic system that contributes to the act of moving. That covers a lot of systems. In fact, nearly every system of your body is involved at some level with the act of moving. At Movement Systems Physical Therapy, physical therapists examine your movement system and diagnose the underlying causes and contributing factors to any condition that affects your ability to move, whether it be an injury, after surgery, or a gradual onset of a painful condition. Our goal is to restore your confidence and get you back moving at optimal levels without pain. We deliver rehabilitative and preventive services in an environment that focuses on education and empowerment. At Movement Systems, you will develop a relationship, one-to-one, with your physical therapist in 60 minute sessions. Our model of care provides us with the time to actively listen, diagnose your condition, examine all the contributing factors, and develop a comprehensive plan of care. Of primary importance is educating you about your UNIQUE movement system and enable you to move and perform at your very best. Through our transformative running and fitness projects, we will get you ready to return to your community exercise, sport, or fitness with a personal trainer. Follow us @MovSysPT and read the Movement Systems Blog to learn more about us. Practice locations are on Eastlake Avenue in Seattle and Mercer Island. Learn more, fear less, feel better – that is empowerment!

Seattle Urban Farm Company

Creators Of Beautifully Productive Landscapes 206.816.9740 Edible Gardening As Part Of A Healthy Lifestyle With all the distractions that day-to-day life brings, it can be incredibly difficult to find time to maintain the basics of a healthy lifestyle: time to exercise, time to relax and reflect, and time to eat well. When I first started growing food, I found it helped me make time for the latter two. Growing up, I remember eating home cooked meals every night with my family. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this practice deeply informed who I am today. During my first year of college, I lost touch with family dinners and quickly adopted the usual diet of my peers- skipping breakfast, high-speed cafeteria lunches, and erratic fast food dinners. Needless to say, I wasn’t at my healthiest at that point. This all changed by my senior year. I had moved off campus and in with a group of friends who tended a large garden and cooked dinner together every night. The change that working in the garden made to my diet was incredible. I used to think kale was disgusting, but it looked so beautiful growing outside that I couldn’t help but want to harvest and cook it every night. Lunchtime sandwiches were filled with fresh lettuce, cucumbers, and basil straight from the garden. I spent entire weekends canning tomato sauce and salsa that we shared throughout the winter. I began to hold a deeper appreciation for the family dinners of my youth and the relationships that it fostered. That initial experience growing food ultimately inspired two of us to start a business called the Seattle Urban Farm Company. Our goal is to bring the excitement of growing your own food and the lifestyle changes that it brings to a wider audience. We strongly believe that tending your own garden improves your diet, gets you outside for some active relaxation time, promotes environmental stewardship, and gives you appreciation for what your local farmers do as a vocation. We also recognize that not everyone has the time to design, construct, and maintain their own edible landscape. We hope that by bringing these resources to you, you can reap the benefits of having your own food garden without it becoming an overwhelming investment of labor and time. So whether you do it yourself or move ahead with professional assistance, I encourage you to get outside and plant some vegetables! You’ll be surprised by the changes it brings about. Spring is just starting and you still have this entire growing season ahead of you, so get outside this weekend and start designing your own home farm! If you need extra vegetable inspiration, visit the local Farmer’s Market. Asparagus is one of the earliest locally grown perennial edibles (great to grow in your garden) and will be in season soon! Check out this recipe for Asparagus with Pesto and Grilled Shrimp from our friend Christina Conrad and then imagine how great it would be to make this with your very own home-grown crops!