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Dan L "I needed to get my life back"


Five months ago I had an important decision to make.  I was recuperating after a serious illness, feeling sorry for myself and completely unmotivated in life.  Because of my illness I was put on multiple medications for my heart, my joints, and my blood.  I had gone from never taking any medications to taking 6-8 in a matter of 30 days.  What was most frustrating and difficult for me was to remember that at one point, in my adult life, I was a very active person who enjoyed playing sports and other outdoor activities.
After almost a year of recuperation I found myself at the highest weight of my life, on two different blood pressure medications, and being told by my doctors that I probably have Type II diabetes and they were considering starting another medication. This was my turning point.I could continue down the path of a sedentary life, poor eating habits and getting quite good at self-pity, or I could take my life back and realize that while my illness is in the back of my mind, I cannot let it rule my decisions and I needed to find the person I was not so long ago. 
As luck would have it, my wife ran into someone, Dave “Nordie” Norden, who we knew quite well and had not seen for quite a while told her about Fitness Together Burlington, he said it changed his life, most importantly he said it changed his family’s life.  She was sold before we even went to meet Brendan– the owner. 
After meeting with Brendan and hearing about the program, and getting a sense of his knowledge and enthusiasm, we knew that this was the gym for us.  It was one of the best decisions we have ever made.  I have belonged to many gyms in the past, but I have never had a personal trainer with me every step of the way showing me exactly how to do each exercise, and explaining to me why I am doing it.  The majority of my workouts have been with trainers Robin and Chris.  I can’t say enough good things about both of them.  Right from the beginning, they got to know me, what my goals and limitations were.   Each workout was customized to me and aimed toward helping me to meet my personal and overall health goals.   Robin and Chris are always upbeat, and they really make the workouts something that I look forward to.  Personally, the workouts I have had at FT-Burlington have been the most challenging workouts I have ever had.  I know that I wouldn’t have pushed myself this hard if I were working out alone in a regular gym.
Another area that sets Fitness Together apart from other gym memberships is the nutrition component.  I have been using the Vitabot on-line nutrition tool that is offered.  This has been a great way for me to learn how to eat a balanced diet and hold myself accountable.  The trainers consistently talk to me about nutrition and are happy to answer any nutrition questions I might have.
I am happy to say, after 5 months going to Fitness Together Burlington, I have lost over 60 lbs. and 42 total inches.*  What is most important to me however is, as of this month, I am off all medications and my blood pressure is normal.*  I feel so much better about myself, and I look forward to continuing down the path of an active and healthy lifestyle.  Brendan and his entire Fitness Together Burlington staff are amazing people, and I can’t thank them enough for helping me to get my life back.  

Dan L.