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Training Helps Exercise Veteran Achieve Fitness Goals Without Aggravating Existing Injuries - See more at:

Jul 10, 2014

As you add injuries into your life’s portfolio of experiences, staying active as you age can be difficult too, especially if you don’t have a workout facility that’s accommodating to your specific physical condition.

As a 61-year-old person who has been working out her entire adult life, Carol Rosseland, was having difficulty finding a gym that was a good fit for her as she attempted to maintain her active lifestyle while overcoming several injuries. She had tried three different gyms in her area over the course of a few years, without much success. Ultimately, she ended up quitting each of the three gyms because she didn’t have support or guidance from the staff to help her make sure she was doing the right exercises to achieve results, but not aggravate her shoulder and knee injuries.

“I was in other gyms in the past and I was desperately trying to find something that would work for me and could accommodate my injuries,” explains Carol. “I chose Fitness Together’s PACK training because it was a lot more cost effective for me and the location is perfect for my life because it’s close to where I work and live. It’s easy for me to get there and I love the group of people and trainers I work out with. I’ve been in enough gyms to see the difference between how Fitness Together does it and how they do it elsewhere.”

Carol has found great success in working out at the Fitness Together Melrose studio in a PACK Small Group Training environment. In each of her twice per week PACK Training sessions, Carol and a group of 1-3 other individuals complete a 45-minute workout that includes a set of exercises with four different levels for each movement that are equally challenging. The four levels of progression for each exercise range from move and active to sport and extreme. They provide a good fit for everyone in the group so that more fit people in a group can work at a higher intensity, while others may being doing lower impact movements. Either way, it doesn’t matter from one person to the next what level of exercise you’re doing because at every level you’re still moving and getting a great workout.

“It’s OK to not be at the same level as the person next to you during a PACK session,” says Jesse LaRossa, personal trainer at Fitness Together Melrose. “You’re still getting a good workout and working the same muscles, but at your own level. If someone like Carol has previous injuries, we add extra warm ups to help prevent and not add extra aggravations to an existing condition. Carol has done great in her PACK group. Her strength and stamina has improved, she’s dropped some weight and she’s increased her endurance.”

Besides doing challenging exercises that get great results, Carol also enjoys the camaraderie, encouragement and accountability that’s associated with working out in a group environment. Even though Carol is older than the other people in her group, she feels like her trainers are equal in their praise and attention of everyone in her group. She likes that Jesse takes the time to modify or alternate an exercise to meet her needs and injury limitations. And, Jesse has even added corrective pieces to Carol’s workouts for her to do in-between exercises to help her strengthen the muscles around her injured areas.

“I’m much better with external motivation,” explains Carol. “I need someone to expect me to be there to do the workouts. I don’t like getting beat up at the gym, but pushed and encouraged. I think the trainers at Fitness Together are good at welcoming every type of body to their studio and making everyone feel comfortable and accommodated. Out of all of the places I’ve been and all the workouts I’ve done in my life, Fitness Together PACK training is by far my favorite.”

Whether you’re older, younger, new to working out, or a veteran, Carol encourages anyone who’s looking to get fitness results without getting injured, to try Fitness Together’s PACK Small Group Training. Everyone in PACK is there for the same purpose – to get fit, look good and feel great. And, Carol and her PACK group have a lot of fun getting fit together in an upbeat, energetic environment where everyone – trainers and clients alike – are supporting each other to meet their health and fitness goals.

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