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The Benefits of Practicing Breathing Exercises

Jul 30, 2021

Human life relies on the process of breathing. It is important to understand the significance of breathing and breathing correctly. With breathing, we inhale air and that is circulated throughout the body and exhale carbon dioxide, a byproduct of cellular respiration. It matters what we breathe, and how are we breathing. With time and lifestyle, people have forgotten how to breathe properly.

If breathing is taken seriously and done with utter care and consciousness it can benefit the body physically and emotionally and can increase the efficiency of everyday life and body processes.

The right way to breathe

Before even thinking about breathing exercises we need to learn the proper way to breathe. Breathing is not an independent process; it happens with other processes and also affects them.

First, it is important to evaluate your posture. It is necessary to have a straight sitting posture rather than slouchy which does not allow proper space for breathing. Straight posture will allow the air to enter, circulate, and pass out of the system without any restriction. Most people do not exhale completely, leaving carbon dioxide in the lungs. Try to push all the air out of the system which will make your lungs more efficient in their job.

What are breathing exercises?

Breathing exercises are just breathing but with added conditions to enhance the breathing experience and improve your breathing organs.

Some breathing exercises you can practice are;-

  1. Pursed Lip Breathing
  2. Diaphragmatic breathing
  3. Breath focus technique
  4. Lion’s breath
  5. Alternate nostril breathing
  6. Resonant breathing
  7. Sitali breath
  8. Humming bee breath

Benefits of breathing exercises

  • Improves immunity

Breathing exercises increase the amount of oxygen in the body and increases the release of toxins such as carbon dioxide. Increased oxygen in the cells and tissues makes them healthier and helps them perform better. Healthier and proper functioning organs improve the immune system of the body as well. Clean blood full of oxygen fights better against infectious bacteria and viruses. Improved breathing will also help in better absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body, in turn improving immunity.

  • Calms down anxiety

Psychologists swear by deep breathing exercise to tackle anxiety attacks and also as a long term treatment practice. Deep breathing helps in regulating heart rate and increasing oxygen levels. This helps in giving the brain the signal to unwind. Regular deep breathing will help in balancing the hormones that release endorphins in the body.

  • Increases sleep quality

A deep breathing exercise focusing on the exhale will provide better sleep by detoxifying the body and signaling it to calm down. A deep breathing exercise before bed can help even insomnia suffering people.

  • Decreases toxicity of the body

Stress, eating habits, and shallow exhalation can turn the body acidic, but with deep breathing, all the toxins are released which turns the body to alkaline. Deep breathing also helps in releasing the lymph around the body. This detoxifies the body.

  • Improves digestive system

Deep breathing increases oxygen in the digestive organs creates more efficiency with relieving gastrointestinal issues, such as, constipation, indigestion, etc. Proper digestion keeps the body energetic and healthy.

  • Good for cardiovascular health

Breathing exercises will help strengthen the cardiovascular muscles and improve blood pressure. Regular deep breathing also decreases the chances of stroke. Deep breathing stimulates the vagus nerve which reduces the ‘fight or flight’ response.

  • Improve concentration and cognitive properties

Regular breathing exercises can improve focus and concentration. It also improves memory and cognitive properties.

  • Gives healthy and glowing skin

Breathing exercises increase the oxygen concentration in cells giving skin a healthy glow. Breathing exercises can burn fat and help in balancing hormones which results in less stress and clearer skin.

  • Makes the body and joints strong

Breathing exercises increase the oxygen level in the cells and it affects the joints in a good way. It helps in reducing the strain of physical exercise and the chances of wearing the joints down. The body’s ability to handle intense physical movement increases.

  • Strengthens lungs

Lifestyle habits have greatly affected the lungs. Breathing exercise helps in increasing the air build up in the lungs and diaphragm. It increases the lung elasticity which allows for more oxygen capacity. A great oxygen capacity and decreased carbon dioxide levels are what makes all of these beneficial occur to make the body function more efficiently.


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