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Mrs. America (Mrs. Massachusetts)

Oct 20, 2016

I came to Fitness Together looking for some guidance to help me prepare for the Mrs America pageant. The thought of being on stage in front of hundreds and hundreds of people in a bathing suit was extremely petrifying. I've always been the type to stay in my comfort zone on the treadmill and away from the "scary" weights. I knew to prepare to the best of my ability, I would have to step out of my comfort zone. This is where Fitness Together Melrose & lead trainer Jesse LaRossa comes in... Jesse makes our weekly sessions an enjoyable learning experience that I look forward to. He has taught me exercises that I can do at home and at my local gym, and now I can walk into the weights lifting area with confidence. Not only have I gained confidence at the gym, but I was able to walk on that Mrs America stage not only (in a bathing suit) feeling and looking my personal best but WIN Mrs. America 2016. I have gained strength, knowledge and a healthy lifestyle, and I thank Jesse and Fitness Together Melrose for this!

Tara Buonanno Williams
Mrs Massachusetts America 2016


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