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Is Private Training Right for You?

Apr 10, 2012

Is Private Training right for you? There are many benefits to private personal training.

Fitness Together offers private personal training as well as small group PACK training that focuses on individual results. Fitness Together goes beyond the 45-minute training sessions to include nutritional components as well as a tailored cardiovascular program to help you maximize your chances at achieving your desired results.

Here are some factors to consider when hiring a personal trainer.

  • Motivation: How motivated are you? Are you prepared for the hard work that it is going to take to transform your body? Personal training may just be the kick start you need to help you attack the goal of a healthy lifestyle and improved physical fitness.
  • Commitment: Just as motivation is important, you must make a commitment to the sessions and commit to the process. Show up on time to your sessions and be ready to work. Do not miss sessions and treat them like they are an appointment or meeting with your boss. Commit to yourself in and out of the training sessions and dedicate yourself to the process.
  • Injury Prevention: Do you know your body and what it takes to achieve results? A personal trainer can help educate you to help you rehabilitate an injury or prevent injuries. Certified personal trainers work hand-in-hand with physical therapists and medical professionals and are a great way to transition out of an injury rehabilitation program or help a pre-existing condition.
  • Lifestyle: Personal training can help educate you and give you the kick start to a healthy lifestyle. It is important that you supplement training with a dedicated and strict nutritional and cardiovascular component as well as a resistance training regimen. This will help you expedite results during and outside your private training sessions.
  • Privacy: Fitness Together offers a unique dynamic of private training in a secure and private training suite where you can eliminate the distractions that an outside gym facility may offer. By having a dedicated and focused training session you will achieve your results in a more focused environment.
  • Results: Everyone wants to achieve results and Fitness Together is focused on your goals and results. By assessing your starting condition and re-assessing you every six weeks Fitness Together will help keep you accountable to your goals and work hand-in-hand with you along the journey to achieving your goals of a healthier lifestyle.

If you think private personal training may be a good fit for you and if you would like more information on personal training and small group training at Fitness Together in Melrose please contact Ryan Kilian, Studio Manager / Certified Personal Trainer, at 617-501-2665 or


Schedule a complimentary fit evaluation so we can get to know you and your goals and build you a customized training program to reach them.