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James Re Sep 7, 2020 Strength

Yoga has the potential to do so much good--improving strength, flexibility, and mental focus--that it's surprising that so many runners don't know a downward dog from an upward dog

James Re Jul 10, 2020 Strength

In addition to boosting fitness and easing stress, yoga may also help you embrace a healthier lifestyle.

James Re May 1, 2020 Strength

All forms of exercise help burn calories, aiding weight loss. But including core-strengthening exercises in your workout is important for several reasons. Strengthening the muscles in your midsection may help you stay active and pain-free.

Trainer Corner: How to Alleviate Knee Pain Through Exercise Jan 14, 2020 Strength

Knee pain is one of the most common ailments we see, and yet, it can be alleviated with proper care.

James Re Oct 30, 2019 Strength

Have you ever bent down to grab something and felt a sharp pain in your back? You’re not alone. Lower back pain is incredibly common, and yet, it’s a condition that can be prevented and mitigated by the right movement.

James Re Sep 30, 2019 Strength

The last few minutes of a workout may seem nonessential, but the cooldown is an important component of setting yourself up for success for the next workout.

James Re Sep 16, 2019 Strength

Foam rolling is absolutely essential in your workout routine and offers a ton of benefit outside of the gym. Not only is foam rolling a self-massage at no cost, but it also primes your body for movement and helps your recovery process as well.

James Re Sep 3, 2019 Strength

Mobility is an incredibly important aspect of living a healthy and functional life that can’t be overlooked.

James Re Apr 10, 2019 Strength

No matter what exercise you choose, make sure you spend time actively trying to reduce your stress as it's one of the most important things you can do.

James Re Mar 13, 2019 Strength

Fear not, your first personal training session at Fitness Together will consist of a comfortable and well-orchestrated process to uncover your goals and talk through where you are feeling stuck.

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