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Client Reviews

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Reviews Provided by Listen360

Sep 17, 2017 by K. S.
"Friendly, comfortable and customized sessions."

Sep 1, 2017 by D. B.
"Most of my friends cannot afford to train here. "

Sep 1, 2017 by C. B.
" the personal touch is great really seem to care about you and help you to succeed push you to the limit"

Aug 17, 2017 by S. W.
"I like that I have a personal trainer that I enjoy talking to, knows me, knows my goals, and there is no pressure! Encouragement yes! Not working out in a big group, which I find distracting. I actually caught myself today thinking of how I can fit time in to my day to do some of the excersizes at home. That never happened before! For once in my life I feel like I can achieve the body I have always wanted!"

Aug 12, 2017 by D. W.
"FT operates in a totally different dimension than other fitness purveyors. Instead of the practice of making the client fit into a particular mold, FT just keeps on asking questions and explaining intent and instantly adapting to the client. It is a fluid atmosphere that keeps me engaged as an active part of the program, not just a body following the "trainer knows best" philosophy. That is my observation and now expectation to date. You get to live up to that expectation."

Aug 4, 2017 by T. M.
"The trainers have been awesome and so great at making me feel comfortable in starting this journey! I have no doubt they will help me succeed!"

Jul 7, 2017 by V. B.
"I fell off the workout wagon, and Fitness Together is putting me right back up there - on the road to fitness again! The staff is great; the programs effective, creative and fresh. Their treatment of customers is top-notch ... it's a VIP experience, to be sure. I will return to my gym; however, I will keep coming to Fitness Together. Vince Bank"

Jul 1, 2017 by J. S.
"It's been over a year now, and I love everything about Fitness Together! The most critical factor, and the one that keeps me coming back even though I might be tired or not feeling well, is the people. Once I step through the door and I am greeted by the FT team with smiles, energy and genuine excitement, I'm ready to go! I credit this to a team who is able to recognize this quality in people and make it a high priority when hiring. Thanks for being several of the many bright spots in my week!"

Jun 23, 2017 by H. W.
"It was very good"

Jun 21, 2017 by D. B.
"Many of my friends cannot afford to come to FT"

Jun 8, 2017 by J. F.
"The staff is great."

Jun 8, 2017 by C. B.
"more communication of what my workouts are going to be like I know you don't do this, but I would like the same trainer for every workout."

May 13, 2017 by C. K.
"Very friendly and made me feel at ease."

May 11, 2017 by K. F.
"I like the different trainers, each workout is new and challenging every time. I also like that it's more private - not a big gym atmosphere."

May 4, 2017 by T. C.
"Genuine personal attention providing the motivation and accountability we are looking for. Great staff, nice facility!"

Apr 11, 2017 by M. R.
"Great one on one workout tailored to your needs"

Mar 25, 2017 by S. M.
"Added features to your facility that others do not offer are: Flexibility, able to let children sit while working out, availability to bring spouse/friend all at no additional cost."

Mar 13, 2017 by K. M.
"One on one personal attention, accountability, and challenging yet fun workouts."

Reviews Provided by Listen360