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Your Workouts Away from FT

Your Workouts Away from FT

Nick Mog

Working Out Away From FT

            So you’ve finished your workouts for the week at Fitness Together, but what about those workouts at home? Finding the motivation to workout on your own without a trainer is difficult, especially with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Thankfully, these workouts at home don’t have to be boring- there are many fun and exciting ways to get in that extra workout!


  1. Cardio Based Workouts- Going for a walk, running the trails, or going for a bike ride are excellent ways to incorporate cardio into our schedules. Instead of walking alone, go along with a friend or significant other! And how can you beat going for a run with your dog right beside you?
  2. Body Weight Exercises- We all know them by name, but sometimes these are the toughest ones to do. That’s right; I’m talking about wall sits, lunges, and planks. These workouts are not only great here in the studio, but can also be done easily at home or in a hotel room when you are traveling for work!
  3. Minor Equipment Workouts- Now I’m not talking about your own at home gym. However, medicine balls and bands are often cheap and easily stored in your home. Adding these small pieces of equipment will help you achieve those fitness goals!
  4. Play- That’s right! Playing anything from sports to your own made up games, these activities will help burn extra calories. Running around with your kids or grandkids will often make this an even more memorable experience.


Not every workout has to feel like a workout, but rather do workouts that you personally enjoy! Sharing your experiences and goals with your loved ones will make it that much more enjoyable. Just remember- you can always get a quick workout in wherever you are!

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