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You One Week Challenge

You One Week Challenge

Erin Mellinger

Here is my challenge to you: For just one week, don’t eat any restaurant food at all. To some of you that may sound like an easy challenge, and to others that can feel overwhelming.
Avoiding restaurant food certainly takes a little planning and preparation. Which is why it is a challenge! But if you do that for one week, you’ll probably be forced to think through meals, plan your lunches and snacks, or make that extra trip to the grocery store.
Although there are many healthy alternatives in restaurants, nothing compares to eating those fresh fruits and vegetables or eating things like chicken or rice without all the extra oil, butter, salt and many other things included in most restaurant meals to make them taste good.
In order to be successful with this challenge you will need to food prep! Carve out an hour at the beginning of the week to clean and cut fruits and veggies, cook some protein, and prepare some whole grains. If I can have rice cooking on the stove, chicken, turkey sausage and asparagus cooking on the grill, and cut vegetables all at the same time- anyone can! I am by no means a skilled person in the kitchen.
Once everything is cooked and prepped, it will be very easy to pack for lunches and reheat for dinner. I would contend that it would be even quicker and easier than stopping for takeout on your way home from work.
After your week with no restaurant food, I’m confident you’ll feel leaner from losing some water weight, you won’t be dehydrated, and you’ll feel better in your workouts and your sleep.
Of course, everyone adapts to nutrition and exercise plans differently. But everyone can benefit from eating more fresh foods!
If you need help with your nutrition, we have a registered dietitian on staff who can customize a healthy eating plan for you based on your health, your goals, how you like to cook and how you like to eat.
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