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Working Out While On Vacation

Working Out While On Vacation

Sara Kuhns CPT

 With summer on its way, many people are taking time off to go on a one-to-two week vacation. And this usually results in taking a hiatus from working out, but it doesn't have to! Now, this doesn't mean you have to get crazy and find a gym to go to every single day for hours on end, but taking a little time each day to get moving does the body good! And while on vacation, this gives us the chance to switch up our normal routine and maybe try out some new ways of working out!

Here are some tips for staying active while traveling:

1. Get Your Workout In Early Before the Day Gets Going

    Get your workout in before your brain has a chance to say "no." This could mean getting up a little earlier to get a quick half-hour session in at the hotel gym or going for a quick morning run before you start your day!

2. No Weights? No problem!

    Are you staying somewhere that doesn't have any weights or workout machines? Switch up your routine with some bodyweight exercises! Pushups, lunges, bodyweight squats, tricep dips from a bench or hotel bed, or a wall sit are all great exercises you can do from the comfort of a hotel room. Or Google a bodyweight exercise routine you can take with you to do on the go! YouTube has some great videos for this!

3. Take Advantage of the Scenery 

    Going somewhere tropical? Take advantage of the warm weather and change of scenery and go for a run or walk outside along the beach or around the local town. Take a hike at a nearby park or try some yoga on the beach! Google and Pinterest are great for finding quick yoga workouts for on vacation.

4. Keep a Fitness Tracker on You

    The American Heart Association recommends getting in 10,000 steps a day, and if you're doing lots of exploring while on vacation, a fitness tracker is a great way to keep yourself motivated. 

5. Try Out Some Fitness Classes Near the Area

    Does your hotel offer different fitness classes? This is a great way to switch up your routine while staying active and having fun! Check around the area and see if there are any classes offered nearby that you would not normally take the time to do when not on vacation. 

6. Pack Smart

    Don't forget to pack a set of workout clothes and sneakers (or a few!) if you plan on getting a workout in! This can often be the last thing we think of when we are packing to go on vacation, but don't forget to put it on your checklist of things to put in your suitcase. A bathing suit can also come in handy if you plan on swimming a few laps around the hotel pool. 

7. Don't Forget to Relax & Have Fun!

    You don't have to sacrifice your fitness routine while on the go, but it also shouldn't take up all of your time while on vacation! Taking time to relax or getting that extra hour of sleep is what vacation is for, and our bodies will thank us for that. Everyone needs to take a vacation once in a while, and it gives us a chance to reset and be ready to rock our workouts once we get back into the normal routine of things!


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