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Warm-Up and Cooldown

Warm-Up and Cooldown

Nick Mog

Warm-Up & Cooldown

                Let’s face it: showing up right as a session begins does not allow time for a proper warm-up, and finishing a workout right as the clock hits 45 minutes does not allow time for a proper cooldown. A proper warm-up and cooldown could make or break your workout, and here’s why:


  1. Cardio Equipment- Using the cardio equipment prior to a workout will raise heart rate and increase blood flow before a workout. Allowing the body to slowly warm-up before a workout will improve your results.
  2. Stretching- Stretching will loosen up those muscles before using the actual weights. Warming up those leg muscles are essential to maximizing the benefits of all those squats.


  1. Heart Rate- After a tough session, allow your heart rate to return to resting levels before you walk out the door. Letting your heart rate return to resting levels will let you relax and focus before you get into your car.
  2. Ask your Trainer- If you want to stretch or cooldown at the end of your workout, simply ask your trainer to do so. We are happy to skip one last set to have a proper cooldown at the end of your session.

Remember, a proper warm-up and cooldown can drastically improve the results of your workouts and makes sure that there is no wasted time or energy!

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