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The Truth About Balance Training

The Truth About Balance Training

Andrew Williams

Over the years there has been much debate on the effectiveness of balance and stability training in an exercise program. Some argue that balance training has no effect on a person’s ability to perform basic movements, whether they be associated with exercise or everyday activities. However, the scientific rationale behind balance training proves otherwise.

It all starts with the core musculature which is divided into the local stabilization, global stabilization, and the movement system. The local stabilization system are muscles attached directly to the spine; the global stabilization system muscles attach from the pelvis to the spine; and the movement system muscles connect the spine and pelvis to the extremities. Basically, the local and global muscles are the foundation and must be strengthened properly before the movement system can be used efficiently. Somewhat similar to building a house without a foundation. That’s where balance training becomes crucial!

Implementing devices such as the BOSU ball, Stability ball, Dyna Discs, and even Vibration platforms into an training program can have numerous benefits:

  • increased balance, stability, and posture
  • optimal neuromuscular efficiency
  • increased proprioception
  • increased muscle activity for underactive muscles
  • reduce risk for injuries
  • increased metabolism

To sum it all up, when implemented in a systematic and progressive manner, balance and stability training will help to improve any and all facets of an exercise program. So, don’t be deterred from using stability devices in your upcoming exercises. Not only are they beneficial, but they can be really fun too! Just be sure that you are given proper instruction on form and technique before using a piece of equipment that you are unfamiliar with.

If you have any questions about more details on this topic, please don’t hesitate to call 330-692-2315 and ask us for more information. Thanks for reading!

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