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The Benefits of Tracking Food

Oct 24, 2019

When attempting to adapt to a healthier lifestyle of exercise and nutrition, one of the main goals for many people is weight loss. To have a successful and healthy weight loss, tracking your food through an app or a journal is one of the most important aspects. Although it can seem very tedious at times, tracking your food has a multitude of benefits that can affect you positively.

First and foremost, logging your food into your preferred app of choice, or even writing it by hand in a journal, can help someone realize how many calories are being consumed. An excessive intake of calories can lead to obesity, heart problems, and among others. By tracking food, you can see first hand the amount of calories you are consuming while making it easier to not over consume the proper amount, which can contribute to the main goal of weight loss.

Although weight loss is a main goal of many who are tracking their food, there can be other positive reasons to track. One reason is portion control. Logging food can help hold yourself accountable for the portion sizes of your meals. It can also help people better understand the idea of eating nutrient dense food, educate on how to properly read food labels, and make your body feel better, overall.

Even if you find tracking food to be annoying, or tedious, there are a multitude of positive benefits that can come from it. Some of the more popular food tracking apps are MyFitnessPal, Lose It, and MyPlate Calorie Counter.


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