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Super Bowl Hangover

Super Bowl Hangover

Jeremy Savaet

Did you know that Super Bowl Sunday studies have shown that an average American will consume around 4,000-6000 calories!?!  It’s the Second largest consumed meal of the year behind thanksgiving. That’s A LOT of food! This can definitely ruin all your hard work you’ve put in. 

When having a day like this it is very easy to go back to your old ways, and derail you from your goals.  What you have to realize is that you are not perfect, and days like that are going to happen.  It’s what you do after these types of days that will set you apart and get you to your goals.  So if you totally went crazy, and were one of the people that consumed over 6000 calories you have to forget about it, and move on. Its moments like this that throw people off their goals, and they never recover.     

To get back on track, you have to have a plan.  I always tell clients, if you fail to plan then plan to fail.  It’s so true! So to get over your super bowl hangover, plan your week out and stick to it. If Tuesday, you know that you have a meeting after work and you’re not going to have time to work out then make Tuesday your off day.  Saturday and Sunday you’re off, then make those days workout days.  Make sure that you schedule a time that your workout is going to take place, and stick with it! If you delay your workout so you can eat dinner or watch a TV show, then chances are you are going to fail.

Stay accountable and plan your nutrition! If you have to, one of the best ways to stick to your nutrition is cooking your meals for the entire week! Doing this may seem unrealistic, however it will save you time during the week allowing you to eliminate the excuse of no time! This also gives you the peace of mind that you will not be overeating, and allow you to hop back on track.  Remember, you just had a cheat day on Sunday! So the first week after a cheat meal should be the cleanest.

Times like the super bowl are going to happen.  That’s part of life! If you messed up and had a back weekend hop back on track, and use these few tips to help you prepare for the next time you are going to struggle. Remember half the battle to a healthy lifestyle is planning! If you can learn how to plan, then you can plan to succeed!