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Quality over Quantity

Quality over Quantity

Jeremy Savaet

I’m sure you have heard the quote quality over quantity at some point in your life! For a lot of us, we tend to forget about that quote while we exercise. Think about your time at the gym; How many people do you see on cardio equipment hanging on for dear life? Or people on bench press stacking the weight and kicking their legs and every other body part, just to get that weight up? There are so many examples!! Being a personal trainer my absolute biggest pet peeve is bicep curls!! Kipping to bring that weight up is clearly not working any part of the biceps!!

            Obviously quality over quantity is a mindset. I truly understand why people want to add weight so they can say they bench pressed 200lbs, or lean over the treadmill just so they can go faster.  We’re human, and we don’t want to be perceived as weak. However, what is our main purpose of exercise? Just because you worked out doesn’t necessarily mean it was a good work, it even could have been a waste of time!

            Couple things to think about to make sure that your doing quality work.   Always know what muscles the exercise is working.  For example, the bicep curl.  The point of a bicep curl is to work your biceps, so you should be using your biceps to lift the weight.  If you are rocking back and forth to pull the weight up chances are you are using more of your shoulder muscles and momentum to lift rather than your biceps.  So when doing any exercises, think about muscles.  If you’re doing a chest press, make sure you are using your chest muscles and not all arms. You’re doing a back exercise use your back muscles.

            Another thing you want to think about is control.  Always be in control!  Trying to go too fast can really make you compromise form, and increase injury. Pay attention to form and make sure it’s not sloppy!  Chances are if you have been working out for a while, then you know when you’re not doing something right or starting to slack! 

            Remember it all comes down to mindset!! You have to block out what everybody else is doing, and concentrate on yourself and your accomplishments. It’s a lot more impressive to be in a spinning class going 17mph like it was intended, rather than completely leaned on top of the bike. If you do things the proper way than you will see greater accomplishments, and people will be looking at YOU wondering how you got to where you are!! So the next time you hit the gym, just remember quality over quantity!