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Pros & Cons of Eating before a Workout

Aug 3, 2017

Let’s face it: eating before a workout is a question that most of us have. With no clear cut answer either way, it truly is the preference of the client whether to eat or not before a workout. Here are some pros and cons of eating before a workout:


  • Energy during the Workout: Foods such as apples or bananas can provide for a steady release of energy during a workout. When fatigue begins to set in halfway through a workout, the meal before the workout can make all the difference in the second half of the workout.
  • Do not feel Hungry during the Workout: Many of us have been there before. The grumbling stomach signaling the body’s need for nourishment. By eating before the workout, however, the grumbling stomach will be silenced.
  • Eating before a Morning Workout is Important: We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how often do we neglect to eat it? This is especially true for the morning workouts. Eating a good breakfast will not only contribute to your workout, but is a great way to start each day.
  • Feeling Light-Headed: Not eating before a workout can lead to some people feeling dizzy or light-headed during their workout. In order to combat this feeling, a quick snack before a workout can improve these feelings.


  • Not Knowing what to Eat: Again this goes back to personal preference and trial and error, but everyone is different. Some people can eat an omelet an hour before a workout and be perfectly fine. Others may choose to eat a granola bar or a piece of fruit. Not knowing what to consume before a workout is a struggle that most of us face.
  • Feeling Sick during a Workout: For some people, eating before a workout will only bring on feelings of nausea and sickness. For these people, the feeling of being sick will drastically take away the effectiveness of the workout.
  • Addition of Another Meal: For many of us, nutrition is an essential part of our fitness journey. By adding another meal before a workout, however, it can add calories to our nutrition plan. This becomes a tricky balance when counting calories and balancing our nutrition plans.
  • Eating too Much: Again this goes back to personal preference, but for some of us we eat too much before a workout. Eating too much can lead to sluggishness or sleepiness during the workout. This combination can drastically decrease the effectiveness of our workouts.


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