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Outside Workouts

Outside Workouts

Kalie Kling CPT

With the warm weather rolling in, it is time to soak up the sun! Working out can sometimes get boring/stagnant so switch things up and get outside! Below are a few ways to get that exercise in while getting some vitamin D!

  1. Intervals: Find a park or use your favorite route and preform sprint intervals! Your intervals can vary but one example is, sprint 20 seconds, walk 20 seconds, repeat for about 20-30 minutes.
  2. Uphill Sprints: Utilize hills any time you can. Sprint up then walk back down. This will for sure get your heart rate going!
  3. Bodyweight Toning: You can do a ton of different body weight exercises while still enjoying the sun. Some include, squats, lunges, pushups, crunches, planks. You can also find a platform you can do step ups from!
  4. Yoga: Preforming yoga outside will for sure be refreshing and relaxing!
  5. Stair Workouts: Find a park with stairs and complete single leg stair hops (10x each leg), tricep dips (15), stair sprints (1 min), incline pushup (15), step up with leg raise (10x each leg). Repeat 6-8x through.

Have fun, stay active, and enjoy the weather!

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