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No Such Thing as I CANT

No Such Thing as I CANT

Jeremy Savaet Certified Personal Trainer

Being a personal trainer, the one thing that I hate most is people saying “I can’t.”  AHHH! That absolutely frustrates me! Anything you do in life, exercise, nutrition or completing tasks, takes a healthy MINDSET!  When someone says “I can’t”, they’ve just limited their potential.  “I can’t” is a way to make them feel better about their current situation, and accepting less than what they are capable of doing.  When you use those words, you’re accepting defeat.  You’ve just told your brain that “hey we aren’t good enough to do this.”  You must eliminate those words from your vocabulary, and start feeding it positive words!

Your mind is very comparable to nutrition and your body.  What you feed your body has a negative or positive effect depending on the foods that you eat.  If you eat large amounts of pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner, chances are you’re going to have some serious health issues. The same thing happens with your mind. If you continue to feed it with negative thoughts, then your mood and everyday life are going to be affected in a negative way.  If you can somehow reverse that thought process and feed your mind positive thoughts, chances are it will have a huge impact on, not only, what you are able to accomplish, but your outlook on life in general.   

So, the first thing you have to do is eliminate words such as “I can’t!” Honestly, it’s very easy it just takes some practice! When you find yourself unable to do something and you’re telling yourself “I can’t do this,” try saying something like this instead; “This is really hard right now but I’m going to work on this and get better.” By doing that, you have just told yourself that yes, this is hard, but with a little effort I am going to accomplish it,  In other words I CAN do this!  Another practice is just feeding yourself positive thoughts! It’s very easy to have a bad day or a bad workout, but make sure you are finding something positive and acknowledging that! Though this is sometimes hard to do, if you practice this and really try to find something positive in any situation, you’ll find yourself being more positive and upbeat! SO, quit saying I can’t, and start living a more positive lifestyle!

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