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Muscular Strength vs. Muscular Endurance

Muscular Strength vs. Muscular Endurance

Nick Mog

Muscular Strength vs. Muscular Endurance

              The terms may be confusing, but there are differences between muscular strength and muscular endurance. Both are essential components in overall health and wellness. Let’s take a look at what makes muscular strength different then muscular endurance.

              For starters, muscular strength is the ability of a muscle group to exert maximum force. In terms of the workouts at Fitness Together, muscular strength is utilized during repetitions of eight or less. An example of muscular strength would be performing squats for 3 sets of 5 repetitions each. Weight is increased during muscular strength exercises, while the number of repetitions is decreased. Now, let’s take a look at muscular endurance.

              Muscular endurance is the capability of muscle groups to resist fatigue and perform repeated contractions for longer periods of time. At Fitness Together, exercises with repetitions between 10 and 25 are considered muscular endurance exercises. Timed exercises, such as planks or wall sits, are also examples of muscular endurance exercises.  An example of muscular endurance would be doing planks for duration of one minute.

              Muscular strength allows for increased strength and ability to lift heavier weights, while muscular endurance improves posture and daily activities. Both muscular strength and muscular endurance are essential in overall health and wellness. During your next workout, ask your trainer if the workout is designed for muscular strength or muscular endurance!

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