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Healthy Winter Eating

Healthy Winter Eating

Kara Sabatino/Darby Heiland

Although frightful weather is just around the corner, your nutrition does not have to follow suit.  We understand that sticking with your diet throughout the winter can be tough!  On cold days, it is tempting to snooze on the couch early rather than getting your workout in.  We tend to celebrate the season with high calorie foods and drinks.  Creating balance during the season is important to avoid adding on pesky pounds, but also to protect against germs that cause winter colds.

        Eat foods that are good sources of vitamin D, including tuna, milk, yogurt, eggs, and cheese.  As it begins to get darker earlier and we see the sun less and less, we aren’t getting the necessary about of vitamin D to keep us healthy.  Getting an adequate amount of vitamin D can reduce your risk of colon, breast, and ovarian cancer. 

        It can be hard to eat healthy during the winter due to the limited about of fruits and vegetables in season.  Try adding healthy winter super foods into your diet, including pomegranates, dark green vegetables, citrus, sweet potatoes, and squash.  Preparing meals can be tough during the winter, especially if it is dark outside already by the time you get home from work!  Try preparing easy meals before heading to work, such as a crockpot chili.  Make enough left overs so you can enjoy throughout the week!

     Accountability is very important during the winter months! If you are in need of help staying on track with your healthy lifestyle this year - call Fitness Together at (330) 702-1311!