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Fitness- Fact or Fiction?

Jul 12, 2018

Fitness – Fact or Fiction?

The health and fitness industry can be tricky when it comes to knowing what’s fact and what’s fiction. Test yourself below to see how much you know:

  1. If you want abs, focus on doing crunches

FICTION:Core exercises are indeed a great way to strengthen abdominal muscles and help to strengthen the midsection, but doing crunches alone will not give you ripped abs. In order to see definition in the abs, you need to drop weight all over, and a big part of that comes from eating clean. Remember the phrase, “Abs are made in the kitchen.”

  1. Strength training will make women bulky

FICTION:"Women don't have as much testosterone in their bodies as men. Over time, regular resistance training can help you look leaner and slimmer because as you strengthen your muscles, you will burn fat calories more efficiently." -Brian Sutton, director of development for NASM. Muscle burns calories at three times the rate of fat tissue, and strength training can raise your metabolism, which in turn, burns calories more efficiently.

  1. Strength training and cardiovascular training are equally as important

FACT: Both forms of training are important, and the best workout programs include a dose of strength and a dose of cardio. Regularly engaging in cardiovascular exercise, such as swimming, biking, or running, can improve your health and help you live longer. It ensures your muscles get more oxygen and helps to eliminate waste products, including lactic acid and carbon dioxide. Strength training, on the other hand helps to develop strong bones, manage weight, manage chronic conditions, and can even sharpen your thinking skills.

  1. You should always be sore the day after a workout

FICTION: Exercise doesn’t need to hurt to be effective. Pain is usually a sign that your body is telling you that you overdid it. A bit of soreness the next day is okay, but if you can barely move the next day, that’s a sign that your body is telling you to rest.

  1. Weight loss if mostly due to working out

FICTION: Although ACSM recommends that adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week, a healthy diet is something that cannot be overlooked. Both of these are important factors when it comes to weight loss, but balance is also important. Living by the 80/20 rule is an easy way to think about it. Eat clean and healthy foods 80% of the time, but leave that 20% for some treats or your favorite cheat meal.

  1. You don’t need supplements (protein powder, pre-workout, etc.) for working out

FACT:While some people may find them helpful, they are most definitely not necessary. If you have the proper diet, a comprehensive workout program, and follow a healthy lifestyle, you can most definitely get into good physical shape without taking an ounce of sports nutritional.


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