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Eating For Easter

Eating For Easter

Kalie Kling CPT

With Easter rolling around this weekend it can seem impossible to stick to your healthy routine.  Don't worry, with these few tips you can have fun and stay on track!

Portion Size

The majority of families have multiple places to visit on Easter Sunday and that means nonstop food. Try to watch your portion sizes. Take a small plate of assorted family favorites. Smaller portions will keep you from becoming overstuffed all day.


We all grew up eating chocolate bunnies and peanut butter eggs and marshmallow peeps but that definitely is not the best option. Come up with new traditions and find "better for you" recipes to make for Easter!

Eat Like It Is A Regular Day

Easter is a special holiday but that doesn't mean you need to use it as an excuse to over eat or "cheat." Just continue to make good choices and be conscious of your portion sizes!


Happy Easter!

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