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Avoid Muscle Imbalances

Avoid Muscle Imbalances

Erin Mellinger

Muscle imbalance happens when muscles on one side of a joint tighten from overuse causing muscles on the other side of the joint to become weak. Repetitive motion is the most common cause of muscle imbalance.

Many of us today have muscle imbalances caused by our lifestyle. We sit at computers, look at our phones, spend too much time in our car… all the things we repeat daily can cause muscle imbalance in the body. Leading to bad posture, joint pain and injury.

However, we can also give ourselves muscle imbalance with an improper workout routine. Many of us are guilty of doing the same things in the gym or at home and many of our workouts include the things we love to do. Although exercise should include lots of different things you love to do, you need to be conscious of overtraining one movement.

For example, if you have a goal of improving push-ups, then doing push-ups in every workout is a very good place to start. But with every pushing exercise you do, you should counter that with a pulling exercise such as rows with dumbbells or face pulls with a band.

In fact, because many of us are on our phones a little too much, doing more pulling exercises than pushing in your workouts may be a good idea.

Another good example is sit-ups or crunches. If you include a lot of sit-ups in your workouts in an effort to get a flatter stomach or more toned abs, you should counter that with a hinge exercise that works your back and hips.  A hinge exercise could be a deadlift or a kettlebell swing.

So be conscious of your workout routine and be very careful not to train yourself into muscle imbalances and joint pain.

At Fitness Together, we assess the muscle imbalances of every client and put them on a personalized workout program to correct any they may have. We also avoid workouts that will promote other types of muscle imbalances. And it's all done in the privacy of your own training suite. The best way to ensure a balanced workout is with a Fitness Together certified personal trainer!

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