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6 Ways to Exercise Outside

6 Ways to Exercise Outside

Nick Mog CPT

Gardening: Whether it’s in your own vegetable garden or just getting rid of those pesky weeds, gardening can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and burn some extra calories.

Going for a Walk: Enjoy the outdoors by getting a walk in first thing in the morning, or at the end of your day. Spend it with a family member or friend and enjoy this activity even more!

Visit a Park: This one goes hand in hand with taking a walk, but the scenery can be drastically different. Hills and valleys can offer picturesque views as you get your work in.

Outdoor Yoga Classes: This trend has become more and more popular, combining the great outdoors with exercise classes. Try something new and have fun doing it!

Sports: From slow pitch softball leagues to recreational soccer, sports offer a great way to stay competitive and stay fit! Join a league, or just get together with friends to form your own weekly game.

Playing with children & grandchildren: Enjoy games of tag, capture the flag, or basketball with your kids or grandkids to enjoy quality time together!

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