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November Client Spotlight

Cailin Livingstone Nov 4, 2019 Fitness

November Client of The Month Q&A: Kristin S.  Q: How long have you been with FT? A: 6 months Q: What do you attribute your success? A: The accountability of all the trainers Q: Favorite exercise? A: Deadlifts Q: Least favorite exercise? A: Anything with the Bosu Ball! Q: Favorite cheat meal? A: Sweet Chili wings Q: What do you like...

October Client Spotlight!

Cailin Livingstone Oct 2, 2019 Fitness

How long have you been an FT client? 4 Years!   What do you attribute your success: Accountability of the trainers! What is your favorite exercise? MA: Planks John: Anything with weights What is your least favorite exercise? MA: Burpees John: Planks What is your favorite “cheat meal”? Both:...

September Client Spotlight!

Cailin Livingstone Sep 2, 2019 Fitness

Q: How long have you been an FT client? A: 6 Months Q: Biggest accomplishments so far from working with FT? A: I'm able to wheel further than before and lift heavier!  Q: What is your favorite exercise? A: Bicep curls!  Q: Least favorite exercise?  A: Battle Ropes! Q: What is your favorite cheat meal? A: Pasta Q: When you're...

Five Beneficial Health and Wellness Books

Nov 13, 2019 Fitness Tips

Reading is so much more than entertainment, it’s a chance to expand your horizons, challenge your mind and educate yourself on parts of life where you may need a little help. Here are our top five health and wellness books that do just that.

Three Helpful Habits to Add to Your Evening Routine

Nov 6, 2019 Fitness Tips

We already know that some of the most successful people in the world swear by their morning routines to start their days, but at Fitness Together, we believe the nighttime routine is just as essential for your overall health and wellbeing. Here are three helpful habits to add to your evening routine.

How to Alleviate Lower Back Pain Through Exercise

Oct 30, 2019 Fitness Tips

Have you ever bent down to grab something and felt a sharp pain in your back? You’re not alone. Lower back pain is incredibly common, and yet, it’s a condition that can be prevented and mitigated by the right movement. 

The Benefits of Tracking Food

Connor Gray,CPT Oct 24, 2019 Fitness

When attempting to adapt to a healthier lifestyle of exercise and nutrition, one of the main goals for many people is weight loss. To have a successful and healthy weight loss, tracking your food through an app or a journal is one of the most important aspects. Although it can seem very tedious at times, tracking your food has a multitude of benefits that can affect you positively. First...

How to Finish the Year Strong

Oct 16, 2019 Fitness Tips

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to head into next year further along than you were in year’s past? The best way to do that is to keep up your momentum and work toward what you want to achieve.

Five Healthy Lunch and Dinner Recipes Featuring Pumpkin

Oct 9, 2019 Fitness Tips

If you’re interested in adding some pumpkin to your diet this season, here are five of our favorite healthy lunch and dinner recipes featuring the most popular winter squash — the pumpkin.

Non-Food Rewards for Achieving Your Goals

Oct 2, 2019 Fitness Tips

When was the last time you did something to reward yourself? If you can’t remember, then it may be time to change that. It is very beneficial to set short-term goals. Once you achieve them, give yourself a pat on the back with something special in order to keep up the momentum.

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