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How to Stay Active While Traveling

Connor Gray, CPT Jan 23, 2020 Fitness

  It is very easy for someone to fall out of an exercise routine if they are busy traveling for work, leisure, or any other reasons. Although you may view traveling as a “break” from your workout regime, it is important to continue to stay active even while on the road. Staying active can make traveling much more enjoyable, and it can be a great way to...

Avoid Muscle Imbalances

Erin Mellinger Jan 13, 2020 Fitness

Muscle imbalances can cause joint pain, poor posture and injury. Infortunately, with as much time as we spend on our phones or in a chair, most of us have muscle imbalances. It's important to train in a way that can correct those. 

Trainer Corner: How to Alleviate Knee Pain Through Exercise

Jan 8, 2020 Fitness Tips

With winter sports season in full swing, now is the perfect time to talk about knee health. Knee pain is one of the most common ailments we see, and yet, it can be alleviated with proper care.

Client Spotlight

Cailin Livingstone Jan 7, 2020 Fitness

Since Starting, Nancy has been feeling more flexible, has more stamina, and is glad to be losing some weight finally! 20 pounds down and we're not done yet!  How long have you been an FT client? 4.5 months What do you attribute your success: Coming here 2x a week and being more accountable to being healthier! What is your favorite exercise? Is...

Five Healthy Crockpot Recipes to Set & Forget on a Busy Day

Jan 2, 2020 Fitness Tips

What if there was an appliance tucked away in the back of your kitchen cabinets that could save you time and money and also deliver flavorful and tender meals? It’s the crockpot (or slow cooker), and we happen to think it’s one of the best tools in the kitchen for a busy person in need of a healthy and filling dinner at the end of a long day.

Healthy Hacks

Laurie Norris Jan 1, 2020 Nutrition

Happy 2020! If you are like many, you are going into the new year resolving to be healthier, which likely means you’ll be working out more and eating better. Instead of “dieting” (the word “diet” has always made people cringe), what we really need to do is adopt a healthy lifestyle, balancing the food that is good for us with the occasional treat. Here...

How to Prepare for a Strong Start in the New Year

Dec 27, 2019 Fitness Tips

Now is the perfect time to take a few steps to prepare yourself for a strong start to the new year (and new decade). You have a much better chance of making positive long-lasting changes when you’ve laid the groundwork ahead of time, rather than waiting until January 1.

Exercise vs. Physical Activity

Connor Gray, CPT Dec 19, 2019 Fitness

  One of the biggest questions that people have about fitness is how many minutes of exercise is appropriate per week? Well, according to the American Heart Association, adults should get at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise a week while doing strength training exercises an additional two days a week. This should add up to about 250 minutes per week of exercise.  So,...

Why You Should Give the Gift of Wellness This Year

Dec 19, 2019 Fitness Tips

Material things can only bring happiness in the short term, but experiences and transformation can change lives for the long haul. That’s why, this holiday, we suggest thinking outside of the box when you’re coming up with gifts for your loved ones and consider giving them the gift of wellness.

What Do Food Label Claims Really Mean?

Laurie Norris Dec 5, 2019 Nutrition

Many items at the grocery store contain claims on the labels that are enticing you to buy them. But buyer beware! Multi grain, heart healthy, organic, low sugar, low fat – They all sound great, however what do these claims truly mean? According to, there are three categories of claims. The first refers to nutrient content, usually addressing sugar,...

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