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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Andy L., Swarthmore, Pa.

Great Investment in Your Fitness and Wellness

"I have been fortunate to have been a client of Fitness Together Media since they opened in January 2007. Bruce Kelly and his team of very knowledgeable professionals have been instrumental in motivating me too improve my conditioning and overall wellness through 3 training sessions per week. This small investment in time has paid big dividends with a truly measurable increase in strength and flexibility coupled with a parallel reduction in recovery time and muscle soreness after major physical activities. I would highly recommend Fitness Together Media to anyone who wants an efficient and effective training program that pushes you to your limits under safe and supervised conditions."

Anita S., Media, Pa.

Boosting One's Self Esteem

 " I have been thrilled with the results of my training at Fitness Together Media. While I knew I had made big changes, I was floored by my new test results. I've now lost 17 lbs., sharply improved my body fat percentage, and I've taken inches off of my waist, thighs, hips and arms.* I've increased my number of timed pushup by 250% and I can actually do 2 min. planks!"

   "Both Adam and Joe were terrific as they enjoy what they do and it shows. One of the great things I about Fitness Together Media's philosophy of functional training is that these are exercises that I can do at home or while on the road with minimal or no equipment."

   "Thanks for the great training and helping to transform me from a middle aged couch potato into a self confident and energetic woman."

Anne B., Media, Pa.

More Than I Expected

"Over a year ago I made a call to Fitness Together Media and I needed to make some changes in my life. I called on Bruce Kelly, the owner, who immediately understood what I was looking for and scheduled me to meet with Grace Mincer, one of FT's trainers. I started working with Grace at FT Media to lose a few pounds and really tone up but I got so much more. Grace not only helped me to lose those few pounds but I also lost body fat*, learned to manage my diet and portion control, and, most importantly, had fun while doing it. I really enjoyed working out and hated not being able to go when I was out of town on business. Even when I am not there I can hear Grace's voice in my head reminding me of my posture and my diet (and that is a good thing!). After a month of training sessions, my friends started commenting on how good I look. What I like most about Fitness Together Media is that it is private one on one training geared towards my needs and my goals. "

  "Thank you to the team at Fitness Together Media." 

Anne G., Media, Pa.

Long Overdue

" After working for the same company for 25 years, in 2002, I started commuting 60 miles each way to work. I was stressed, always tired, had numerous respiratory infections and saw my weight increase to a new high for me. Grace became my personal trainer and she helped modify my diet and build my endurance. In 4 months, I lost 25 lbs. and I am now back to the weight I was 5 years ago. "*

    "To Grace, I say thank you for motivating me to take one step at a time to better health."

Bill S., Springfield, Pa.

An Ah Hah Moment

 " I recently had a first hand, real world experience on the benefits of Fitness Together's training programs. I had the occasion, after a work meeting, to walk up 10 flights of stairs with 2 co-workers both of whom happen to be marathon runners. As we got to the top of the 10th flight, I realized I was the only one not out of breath. It was another "ah-hah" moment for me further demonstrating the practical, effective programming that I have been religiously following as prescribed by Fitness Together. Thanks"

Chuck G., Newtown Square, Pa.

What a Health Care Professional Has to Say About FT Media

 "It started out as a bet with a few friends to see who could lose the most weight. I was determined to do it "right" this time. I've tried them all---South Beach, Atkins, grapefruit diet (I was desperate!), etc. None of them worked. I was looking for something different and that is when I called Bruce. He took a different approach...it was simple, he told me. If you combine both strength training and eating 4-5 smaller meals daily I would lose weight in a safe, consistent manner. He had me keep a food log and went over it with me to give me suggestions of do's and don't s. Also, being in the medical field and a health care provider (physical therapist) I wanted proof of how/why this would work. Bruce showed me current and timely articles and research papers that gave me the information I needed. So for the next 2 1/2 months I followed his guidance and I'm happy to say I won the bet and even more importantly, I lost 35 lbs. and can now fit into clothes that I haven't worn in over 3 years.* "

   "Thanks Bruce, Adam and Joe."

Deb F., Wallingford, Pa.

Client loses 100 lbs. in 11 months in Healthy Fashion*

"I liked working with a trainer one on one who developed a workout routine that built strength without me feeling sore all of the time."

   "I specifically liked learning new ways to develop strength that I can do at home without having to go to a gym and the accountability with a trainer that kept me on target towards my goals."

   "I would recommend using Fitness Together to anyone who truly wanted to reach their fitness/health goals."

Fitness Together Media

High Performance Training Works for Middle Schoolers

  Recently we just got done training a middle school CYO basketball team and got astounding results in our post testing.

   In 7 weeks they improved their vertical jumps by 12% on average, improved their agility test scores by 9.4% and their 25 yd. dash scores by 5%. Not too shabby for only 7 weeks.*

Jean S., Springfield, Pa.

Fit and Healthy for Life

"Bruce Kelly and his staff have made a tremendous impact on my family with regard to fitness and health. From "addicting" my husband to kettlebells and the TRX to helping me learn to love high metabolic strength training and, finally, to helping my 13 yr. old daughter become healthy and fit the right way. The wealth of knowledge that Bruce and his staff share with their clients makes for healthy people for life."

Jim Reger, member, Springhaven Club, Wallingford, Pa.

How the Titlelist Performance Institute program Helped My Game

"Over the past few years, back issues have shut down my golf game and prevented me from engaging in other activities. My goal for 2010 is to avoid injuries and play a lot of golf! I visited with Bruce Kelly, of Fitness Together Media, to discuss the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) program and how it could help me to reach my simple goals. Bruce put me through the TPI assessment, reviewed the results with me and put together a program aimed at improving my flexibility/mobility. I decided to give it a tray and invest in my physical fitness instead of a new set of golf clubs. After 12 weeks, I lost 12 lbs., improved my flexibility/mobility and increased my strength*. I have learned how to properly perform the exercises and have fun at the same time! I have worked with Bruce and 3 of his staff: Joe, Tim and Takiyah and found them all to be well qualified. I thank them all for providing me with the necessary encouragement and preparing me for the upcoming golf season."

Mike L.

Preparing a QB for the College Level

"Training with Bruce Kelly provided me with the opportunity t set myself up for success..He provided me with the right mix of weightlifting, core training, plyometrics, cardio and sprint work that I needed to become a better quarterback. Thanks to Bruce I was able to have a successful career as a quarterback on the collegiate level."

Alyson R., Springfield, Pa.

Getting Motivated

" Grace was wonderful. She really motivated me and taught me how to exercise without hurting myself. Even when working out on my own I can still hear her voice in my head, motivating me. Grace always asks me how I'm feeling and she makes sure I'm never bored with my workout."

Tony Z., Havertown, Pa.

Climbing the Highest Peaks

 "If you are looking for an exceptional trainer in either a personal or a group setting, Bruce Kelly is the right choice. Bruce has a strong understanding of where you are physically and where you should be. He will design a program specific to your needs be it general fitness or goal specific such as my climb up Mt. Kilmanjaro in Africa. His high standards and keen insight into strength, cardio and overall fitness training enable a person to go further physically than you thought possible."

Diane F., Wayne, Pa.

Praise from a Former Div. 1 Athlete

 "Working with Bruce was a great experience. I learned many new and efficient ways to train and ended up having Bruce and his staff work with my HS girls volleyball team as a result. I would highly recommend Bruce and his Fitness Together staff to anyone."

Jim Newlon, Head Professional, Springhaven Club, Wallingford, Pa.

What the Pro's Have to Say About TPI

" I have learned a lot in the short time that I have known and worked with Bruce about fitness and it's effect on the golf swing. He's a great motivator and always has your best interests in mind. I would highly recommend him to any person that wants to realize their full golfing potential, no matter what level that is."

Sam M., U. of Pennsylvania, Class of 2008

Preparing to Play College Ball

" After playing seven years of football with no strength and conditioning coach, I called on Bruce Kelly to prepare me for the transition from high school to NCAA Div. 1 collegiate football. the personalized program he created was perfect in training for the next level."