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FT Media Hosting CFSC workshop

Bruce Kelly Aug 26, 2015 News

 Mike Boyle is one of the leaders in the strength and conditioning and training field and we are privileged to be hosting his 1 Day certification workshop, Certified Functional Strength Coach.

  The event will take place at our facility in Media, Pa. and is an all day event starting at 8 am and ending at 6 pm. We will be posting the registration link in the next week or so. Hope to see you in November.

Fitness Together Media Offering Kettlebell Swing Workshop

Bruce Kelly Nov 18, 2013 Strength

  The Kettlebell Swing is the King of kettlebell exercises. Problem is there is a lot of misinformation out there and simply bad coaching on how to do it properly and safely.  Join us on Saturday Dec. 14th at noon for a workshop on learning how to do the kettlebell swing the right way.  This workshop will be taught by Bruce Kelly, MS, CSCS, who has worked with...

Problem with Traction

Bruce Kelly May 31, 2013 Cardio

The Problem with Traction  If you're a field sport athlete, think baseball, lacrosse, soccer and the like, then one of the issues for you is the proper footwear to use when playing your sport. You have to balance fit, comfort and function/performance and those factors can be impacted by the surface you play on whether it is turf or natural grass.    There was a...

FT Media Staff Gets Kettlebell Certified

Bruce Kelly, owner, MS, CSCS Apr 11, 2012 Strength

 To accomodate the increase in interest in kettlebell training FT Media recently had all of their training staff kettlebell certified.

Steve Maxwell Coming to Fitness Together Media

Bruce Kelly Oct 19, 2013 News

  Steve Maxwell is no doubt a world class strength and conditioning coach as he is in demand for his workshops and certifications literally around the world. We are fortunate to be hosting him on 10/26 and 10/27 for two workshops: 10/26-Bodyweight Strength Training; 10/27-Clubbell Fundamentals

FT Media Brings in World Class coach, Steve Maxwell

Bruce Kelly Oct 3, 2013 News

  In it's continuing efforts to educate it's staff and the public with cutting edge information and leaders, FT Media is proud to host Steve Maxwell on 10/26 and 10/27 at our state of the art facility in Media, Pa. 

Free Nutrition Workshop

Bruce Kelly Jul 8, 2013 Nutrition

  • Where? Fitness Together Media,115 W. State St., Media, Pa.
  • When? Sunday July 14th from 7-8 pm
  • Cost? Free
  • For Whom? For everyone who has ever had an issue with too much sugar in all it's forms: drinks, snacks, desserts, processed foods, etc.
  • Presenter will be Janna Hasbrouck, CHC, who has a lot of experience in the nutrition/wellness field and has helped many people improve their approach to eating and nutrition through a practical, science based approach to eating well
  • Must register at: www.be-delicious.com/events 
  • Any questions call: 610-565-2007        

Learn More to Help More

Bruce Kelly Jun 11, 2013 News

  The field of training is changing so rapidly that you must constantly educate yourself to keep abreast of what works well and to implement what you feel will work best with your clientele.

Fitness Together Media Hosts TRX Suspension Training Workshop

Bruce Kelly Feb 5, 2013 News

 On Sunday Jan. 27th, FT Media hosted a TRX Suspension Training workshop in their facility. 22 trainers/coachs, including FT owner Bruce Kelly and staff members, attended the all day workshop. 

FT Media Now Offering Small Group Training

Bruce Kelly, owner May 9, 2012 Cardio

  FT Media is now offering small group training (5-10 people) in their newly expanded downstairs training facility.

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