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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

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Peter Petrella

"FT Medford Gave Me Such Good Results I Bought My Own Studio"

Peter before: After my yearly physical, being out of shape and tired all day long, my doctor gave me all the, diabetes candidate, cholesterol creep, pills, etc, etc.  At that moment I made the decision to join Fitness Together to improve my overall health and wellness.

Peter after: Over 50lbs. weight loss*, drop of over 65 points in cholesterol readings*, energy and vitality...all from proper nutrition and the personal training program designed by the Fitness Together team.  I liked the program so much I bought the company as I am now the proud owner of Fitness Together-Medford!!


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David Dalessio

“Hi my name is David Dalessio; I am at the Fitness Together Medford on Salem Street.  I have been working out here for 3 months.  My progress is that I have lost 10 pounds and I have improved my eating habits.*  I have developed quite a confidence in the staff here helping me to accomplish my goals which is to feel a lot better about myself and work on my cardiovascular system so that I can begin jogging again.  Honestly, they have a great staff, it’s been a pleasure to be here and I look forward to many returns!”  - David D.


Jeannette talks about her first PACK session at FT Medford!  She also wants you to view her blog on our main page and feel free to make your comments! 

Kara Before
Kara After
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Kara B

“I am proud to say that I am a Fitness Together success story.” Kara B.

“I am always looking for a deal and when I found the Fitness Together coupon in the ValPak coupon pack it piqued my interest.  I had made it to my 30th year and I wasn’t feeling great about myself.  It was a sad day when I pulled out my summer clothes and none of the shorts fit.  I needed a change and there was that Fitness Together coupon.  I can’t turn down a coupon.  That coupon got me on the phone and a few days later it got me through the door.  The rest has been an amazing experience.

I am proud to say that I am a Fitness Together success story.  I am one of the most un-coordinated and un-athletic people you will ever meet.  The team at Fitness Together has taught me so much and helped me along my journey.  A combination of exercise and tracking my food intake has proven exceptionally successful.  Eight months in, I am 19 pounds lighter and far stronger than I have ever been.*  My body has certainly improved but so has my mind; I have new friends and a lot less stress.  I don’t always believe these testimonial statements, are they ever written by actual people?  I can assure you that I am a real person.  If you’re interested in learning more, stop by Fitness Together in Medford.  I promise they can vouch for my existence and I’d be delighted to tell you my story in person.”


Lisa B

I owe all of you a big "thank you" for your skill, patience, and encouragement.

Dear Friends at FT Medford,

I owe all of you a big "thank you" for your skill, patience, and encouragement.

When I stumbled with dread into the studio a year and a half ago, I was out of shape and overweight. I almost passed out after each exercise! I thought, a fifty something woman who hates exercise can't possibly do this stuff! Lift 100lbs? Do elliptical intervals for 20 minutes without passing out? Hold a plank for over a minute? Conquer the dreaded step with weights? Box? I've done all of that and more.

A whole new wardrobe later, I have a greater sense of well-being and feel that, even if I have to age, I'm now equipped to put up a good fight! I'm in the best shape of my life! With sadness, I will have my last session in the Medford studio with all of you on Saturday. But rest assured that you have turned me into a workout junkie for life! At least now you won't need to listen to me curse and moan when you push me to do "just a few more reps!" You gave me my start and I'm forever grateful. Happy holidays and best wishes for the New Year.

 Lisa B.


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Jean Nuzzo

     I want to take the time to congratulate Jean Nuzzo in her accomplishments and steps she has made toward her long term goals.  She has been with us at FT Medford since spring of 2008 and has lost a total of 20 lbs and is down a considerable amount of inches all over!!!*  She came to Fitness Together originally to make some lifelong changes and was ready for us to keep her accountable.  Her strength has greatly improved, and she tells us stories of how her daily tasks at work have become undoubtedly easier from her progressive training. 

      One of the most outstanding qualities about Jean is her positive attitude and her constant effort to make “each day count”.  She has struggled in the past with nutrition and we have made steps to better the modifications to enable her to make mindful choices concerning her diet.  She realizes that great nutrition only supports all of her hard work in here!  

      I must let you know----Jean is an inspiration to many, many clients.  Thank you for being you!!! She is an extreme motivation to other Fitness Together clients and the camaraderie when she is here is uplifting.  From her personal experiences over the past ten months, she is able to highlight the importance of personal training, breakfast options that “work” for her, weight and resistance training, making time for herself, and eliminating stress in her every day! Jean is here three times a week and is well aware that when she leaves here felling better that this equates to an IMPROVED QUALITY OF LIFE overall.

       Jean should give herself the credit she deserves. We all recognize her determination  to make the changes she so needed She has stayed on track with her starting goals and is going to achieve them in “baby steps” as she likes to call them. She constantly notates that “there is always room for improvement” on her weekly self-evaluations.  

We are all so proud of you Jean that you are now JOGGING on the treadmill and making mindful choices regarding your nutrition. 

She has even started preparing more food to bring with her for her lengthy day at work.  We are in constant support of you, Jean, and know that you and your efforts will ensure your SUCCESS!!!!

Most Sincerely,

FT Medford Team