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Nutritional Tips for Labor Day Weekend!

Nutritional Tips for Labor Day Weekend!


Nutritional Tips for LABOR DAY

Labor Day means friends, family, BBQ’s, buffets, desserts, beer, wine, creamy and fruity bevs, and not a lot of gym time.  Just because it is a holiday does not call for an excuse to throw all healthy lifestyle behaviors out the window.  We can still keep on track while enjoying the comforts of the holidays.  Remember, this long holiday weekend unofficially marks the end of summer.  You have made it this far so why stop now.  Keep it going!  Below are some helpful tips to keep you on track.  No regrets!!!!

If the weather cooperates, you may be looking forward to having a picnic or barbecue. Or if it’s cool or rainy, your celebration may come indoors.

Either way, a holiday celebration is always a good time to review some simple tips to help you stay focused on your healthy & wellness life plan.

Here are some tips to guide you:

1. Plan ahead.   Make sure you have a healthy snack before going to any social gathering. When you’re less hungry, you’ll be more likely to make better diet choices such as sprinting to the cheese platter.  The worst thing you can do is to skip your morning or day time meals before an evening event. You may think you’re saving calories but in reality you’re setting yourself up to overeat because you’re famished.  You also want to hydrate at all times.  Bring your own water bottle so that you will always have hydration.

2. Beat the buffet.   Buffet-style eating can be a way to set yourself up with regret.   When there are too many food choices, people tend to overeat and tend to choose the wrong options.  Remind yourself of ways to best choose your food options from the buffet table by viewing all the food first, using a small plate if possible, and enjoying lean protein, fruits and veggies and some healthy fats too. If you want to enjoy a favorite treat, do so in moderation. This way you won’t feel like you’re depriving yourself.

3. BYO – bring your own.... Offer to bring your own healthy dish or beverage to the celebration. Consider making a colorful platter of roasted or fresh veggies as an appetizer or bringing a hummus or guacamole dip with cut up vegetables. This will encourage you to consume your veggie servings for the day. When you fill up first with healthy foods, you’ll be less likely to overeat the less healthy foods.  This will also eliminate you feeling like you have no choices to choose from.  You are ahead of the game and you are sharing your healthy treats with your friends and family. 

4. Don’t Bring Home…. We all know that your hosts will try to send you home with leftovers.  Cookies, cakes, pizzas, chips, lasagna, BBQ, etc.  Although it is nice not to refuse, opt to take home the grilled BBQ chicken, fresh veggie or fruit platter, or even some fresh salads.  Stay away from anything that does not follow your plan.  Do not temp yourself at home.  Leave it there!!!!

I hope these four tips will help you enjoy your Labor Day weekend celebrations and stay on track at the same time.  You owe this to yourself!  You are worth it!!!!!