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Healthy Tip - Eat Breakfast!

Healthy Tip - Eat Breakfast!

Brett Feldman Personal Trainer FT Medford

Healthy Tip - Eat Breakfast!

Just by eating breakfast you can jump start your metabolism for the day!  You can keep your metabolism running and in fat burning mode by eating every 2-3 hours afterwards throughout the day.  Choose small and healthy snacks as well as balanced meals.


From Brett Feldman Personal Trainer FT Medford


Healthy Meal of the Month Low Sodium Turkey Chili!

1 Pound of Ground turkey

Low sodium chili packets

1-2 cans of beans (low sodium)

Diced tomatoes, or dice your own!

(Whatever else you would like to add to your chili)

Mix the chili packets, beans, and tomatoes in a bowl. Cook the ground turkey in a pot until it turns from a light gray to a dark, add the mix, cook on medium heat for 10 minutes or until it is hot, stir every couple of minutes. Serve over brown rice for a healthy chili rice bowl! Serving size 1 cup chili over ½ cup rice.