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Friends & Family Fridays

Friends & Family Fridays


Every Friday at Fitness Together Medford is
"Friends & Family Friday"
Bring any family member or friend for FREE any Friday to one of your sessions.

 We all have someone we know who may say things to you like...

 "You are so lucky to have that body", or "Its easy for you to look like that, its not fair", or "I can't afford your trainer, that's for rich people".

 Invite them in to show them just how hard you work for what you own and that all things are possible if you are committed.  Just let your trainer know prior. 

Remember, we appreciate you for choosing FT Medford for your health and fitness and thank you for your business.  Refer someone who may be in need of what you experience whether you feel they can become a client or not.  Its all about the invites!  What do you have to lose? 

FREE SESSION for your referral! Spread health & wellness to others! Help someone you know!
365 Salem Street, Medford, MA 02155
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