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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Lorrie in her jeep!
Lorrie riding her bike! *

Lorrie Monash

The most important thing to us at Fitness Together is that client's life is improved by training. We love when a client is able to move better and feel freer in their body. FT is especially excited to be apart of Lorrie Manosh's journey. To see how her improvements are effecting her life is a pure blessing. Below Lorrie has written a her testimonial about her recovery from a recent stroke. In her testimony she writes that her next goal would be to ride her bike and we would like to proudly announce that she is able to do that too.

That This past March I had a stroke which left me with limited function on my right side, especially the use of my leg. I left the hospital and rehab with a walker. At just 43 years old this was not the way I wanted to continue life. From March to June I went through rehab at a local facility to regain what I had lost. They were able to get me walking without a walker, however my right side still lacked a lot of muscle function and I walked with a limp and still wasn't able to drive. In June I started working with Teris at Fitness Together. Teris has been an amazing support both emotionally and physically in regaining strength and movement to my right leg as well as overall body improvement. She set me up on a program that I could work with daily at home when not working in the gym. She's there to encourage me as well as answer any questions I have. The support from Teris as well as the other trainers at Fitness Together has made a difference in my recovery. In just 3 weeks after starting at Fitness Together I have gained the strength needed to start driving again. Our next goal is a bike ride and I look forward to achieving what is set before me. Teris and Fitness Together have made what at times felt impossible possible!

After *

Kristara Leclair


"I came to Fitness Together in November of 2006 as a 33 year old wife, mother, insurance professional and MS patient, with about 65 lbs. to lose. I tried so many other “weight loss” programs with no real success. Nobody at FT promised me a “quick fix”….and that gave me hope. The trainers are all very professional, informative, and encourage health and fitness rather than just losing weight. This was a real revelation to me! And, it isn’t like on TV. I don’t workout 6 hours a day and have someone screaming at me! I also don’t lose 5 lbs. a week, but I have lost more than 50 lbs. so far and have gone from a size 20 to an 8-10.* I can also get my son into his car seat without hurting my back (I asked for help with this specifically!), and can keep up with him on foot when he’s riding his bike.

I can honestly say now that I ENJOY working out. I look forward to that time each day that I am doing nothing but taking care of myself. It’s truly therapeutic. When I think of how much weight I’ve lost and how good I fell, I wonder what took me so long to do it!


Linda Rego-Colantuno


"By age 41 I couldn’t take the weight any longer. Shopping for clothes was no longer fun. It was time to take charge of my life.

I’m a busy person who needs to be motivated and held accountable. Fitness Together is the perfect place for just that. The one-on-one training is private and the trainers are quite motivating and fun.

I’ve been with FT for 15 months. I’ve gone from a size 14/16 to a size 6/8.* If not for the commitment of the staff and responsibility for my time, this level of success would not have been possible for me.


John Marchelletta

Goal: Find a program which offers ongoing support and gets him results.

Charlene Inferrere

Goal: Lose weight and get into shape, so she can hike the Grand Canyon.

Gayle Chase

Goal: Increase her energy, endurance, balance and coordination.

Carol Pontremoli

Goal: Lose weight to help control her diabetes and get off her meds.

Jean Roy

Goal: To get out of the house and feel fit.

Overweight and Unhappy
Lost 20lbs and gained her pre-baby body back plus some *

Christina Simmington

A new mom story

I had my first child and was very unhappy with my body and the changes it had undergone through the pregnancy. My energy levels were way down and I had a new born to keep up with. I struggled to find time for myself and figured I needed help setting and keeping myself accountable. These guys here pushed me like I needed and supported me when times got rough. The best investment i have made to my body so far. Thanks Guys!

Looking Good
Looking Better *

Sharon Murphy

Stronger Than Ever Before!

My name is Sharon Murphy and I have been with FT for awhile now. They have taught me to never give up on myself and my dreams and even when times get tough keep pressing on. Believe it or not, there was a time when I felt like a stranger in my own skin. I was a very physical person inside I felt but carrying an extra 50lbs on my frame was not allowing me to show it. Thanks FT for allowing the real Sharon Out!