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Where has you FT Koozie been this summer?

Aug 8, 2017

Thanks to all of you who have been sending us pictures of the different places you and your FT Koozie have been. FT has been living life through you. This summer we have been to Virginia, North Carolina, Chicago, the Cape, Plymouth, Narragansett, Maine and NYC. We have visited restaurants, the "Today" show and the New England Aquarium. We have attended a Red Sox game and been on Community Field! We have seen you eat healthy and not so healthy. We have seen you on an elliptical, on bike rides and we seen you planking by the pool. You have even left us speechless at your work place. We would love to see where you could bring your FT Koozie. Ask your trainer for a FT Koozie if you don't have one. Go to and like us so you too can follow FTKoozie.


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