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Ever wonder why it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach down to tie your own shoes?

All of the sitting that we do as a society is the primary culprit. As we go about our daily sedentary routines, our hamstring complex becomes more and more shortened. This shortening of the musculature leads to increased problems throughout the rest of our posterior chain (e.g. back and neck). Thus, leading to decreased mobility and a decreased lack of activity, further perpetuating the cycle. The one thing it does increase are the number of visits we make to our good friend the chiropractor!

Well, we're in luck. A recent study showed that with just 30 seconds of stretching three times a week, we can begin to reverse these adverse effects. The study focused primarily on the hamstring group and produced positive results in as little as four weeks.

So stand up straight, reach for those toes, and save yourself a little time and money.

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