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Reaching Single Leg Dead Lift Wall Touch

Mar 20, 2013

Many trainees have difficulty maintaining upper back position as they forward bend and end up substituting spinal flexion for hip flexion to get range of motion. In order to prevent this we developed the concept of the Reaching One Leg Straight Leg Deadlift. The actions of reaching out with the hands and back with the foot turn on the entire posterior chain in an almost reflexive manner. Athletes and clients who could not conceptualize the exercise, suddenly get it.

However, some athletes and clients still have difficulty getting the concept of reaching. In order to encourage these clients we took the exercise one step further and had them do it into a wall. The key to the exercise is to position the client or athlete far enouh away from the wall so that they really have to extend to reach it. This may take a little tinkering but, the results are outstanding.


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