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Did You Know That Checking Your Smart Phone Too Often Effects Your Overall Health?

May 26, 2018

According to the American Journal of Pain Management spinal pain, headaches, mood, lung capacity, blood pressure and pulse are influenced by posture. Poor posture has also been linked to a trend towards greater mortality in a research study by the American Geriatrics Society.

One of the biggest risks of poor posture is the smart phone in the palm of your hand. Over the past 7 years cell phone usage has grown from an average of 30 minutes per day to 3 hours. Looking down at your smart phone causes a forward head tilt which changes the weight of the head from 10-12lbs up to 60lbs. For every inch of forward head posture the head weight increases 10lbs. Over time this causes a strain on the spinal joints which causes tension within the muscles of the neck, upper back and shoulders.

You can start making improvements now by holding your smart phone at eye level. This will prevent you from excessively flexing your head forward. Additionally, do exercises like the one in the video to help strengthen your postural muscles.

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