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Client Reviews

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Reviews Provided by Listen360

Jan 5, 2020 by J. A.
"One on one personal training by professional trainers."

Dec 23, 2019 by C. L.
"The programs are planned based my goals. I continue to make positive gains even after 5 years! The staff make it fun and really know the latest in exercise science and health. "

Nov 17, 2019 by J. C.
"One on one training, fun and it works."

Nov 12, 2019 by S. T.
"Dina, the owner, has been implementing new food-service prepared meal programs for the benefit of the clients. These meals and subsequent nutrition services coordinate with fitness for a full service overall health program. Thanks Dina for caring about your clients!!!"

Nov 5, 2019 by C. D.
"It's a great place to work out!"

Nov 5, 2019 by J. A.
"I like the one on one trsining."

Oct 11, 2019 by D. B.
"Great intimidation...motivation for results. "

Sep 18, 2019 by S. P.
"Easy appointments Knowledgeable trainers Comfortable environment "

Sep 13, 2019 by B. F.
"Get all questions answered and constantly learning new ways to get healthier. "

Sep 13, 2019 by L. M.
"It feels so amazing to know that I am on my way towards reaching my fitness goals. I joined FT to get that one on one training that I knew I personally needed to achieve my long term vision for myself both physically and mentally. I could not have started this journey without FT. "

Sep 4, 2019 by J. A.
"One on one training with professional trainers"

Sep 3, 2019 by C. D.
"I like that the exercises are always different it is never boring. I am always challenging myself to become better. I have a drive that I want to be toned and healthy and to me that is everything!"

Aug 27, 2019 by R. G.
"I really like the personal attention. It’s very important to me that all trainers tailor each session to the client’s needs. I’m a senior citizen focusing on stamina & balance. I have been going to Fitness Together for approximately 10 years & it’s become part of my life. I feel Fitness Together has helped me age very gracefully. "

Aug 11, 2019 by C. M.
"Excellent trainers! "

Aug 7, 2019 by D. M.
"I love the one on one training. DIna, Chris and Cliff are so supportive and encouraging. They show you exactly what you need to do in the correct manner and you get a great workout every time."

Jul 23, 2019 by J. C.
"Personal workouts."

Jul 11, 2019 by S. T.
"This program is constantly updating by using the newest equipment available,including nutritional components and incorporating different techniques to accomplish the goals of its clients. Bravo to Dina and the trainers!!"

Jul 3, 2019 by J. A.
"One on one training with professional and knowledgeable trainers. "

Jun 18, 2019 by S. P.
"Great fitness center. Puts clients first. They care about overall health concerns. I’ve been a client for almost five years. "

Jun 10, 2019 by C. L.
"Knowledgeable trainers Accountability Fun! "

Reviews Provided by Listen360