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Think About Your Thoughts, Your Attitude is Everything

Oct 7, 2011

Think About Your Thoughts, Your Attitude is Everything

By: Rachel Cosgrove, BS, CSCS

The Female Body Breakthrough

Secret #11 and #12

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou

Just like in the song you used to belt out with the Pointer Sisters-“I got a new attitude!”- attitude is a choice; you can choose to have a new attitude at any time. Make that choice!

Your attitude toward fitness will determine whether this will be a lifestyle change. If your attitude toward fitness is that it’s too hard, time consuming, and not worth it, you’ll never make it a priority, and it will never become a lifestyle. It is true that the mind and body are connected, and if you have a bad attitude about your new lifestyle, your body will always be listening, and you won’t be able to stick to it.

I often tell my clients, “Your body is listening to everything you say! Be careful what you think and say around it!” time for a new attitude check.

You’re becoming an uplifting, positive person, eliminating any negative, poisonous people from your life. Throughout your day, pay attention to the dialogue you use in your head, everything you are thinking or saying to yourself. If a negative and self-deprecating thought or picture enters your mind, immediately substitute one that is motivating and supportive to what you want to accomplish.

What would a fit female/male think about themselves? As long as you’re talking negatively to yourself, you will not become an empowered, confident fit female/male. Every thought you have will either empower you or disempower you.

You must change your mindset and your internal dialogue so that the only messages you send yourself are those that can empower you. The one thing you have absolute control over is your mindset. Changing your lifestyle and improving your fitness are about making small changes that will eventually lead to reaching your goal, and it starts with immediately changing your thoughts. This takes practice.

Start to be more conscious and “think about your thoughts” and how they may be affecting who you are and who you’re becoming. You have only so many thoughts each day, (According to the National Science Foundation, you are bombarded with about 50,000 thoughts a day) and you can’t afford to waste any on negative ones. It isn’t worth it.


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