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Mind Power and the Placebo Effect

Mind Power and the Placebo Effect

Mike Ryan

The topic: Mind power and the Placebo Effect

Veggies are really good for us right? And they will make us feel better and increase our energy, right? Then why don't people skip the caffeine in the morning and just pound broccoli and kale for energy? The reason is because these nutrients take time and consistency notice a positive effect. I personally do get a "high" after stuffing my face with vegetables, but it isn't because of the vitamins and minerals physically, but because psychologically I know that overtime the veggies will help put my health in its optimal form. Take home point: research all the health benefits of veggies and enjoy the motivation increase for healthy food choices.

Need an easy way to get veggies in during your busy day? Simple! Make a raw veggie salad. No cooking; raw veggies (more nutrition); delicious & cheap.

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