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Love Bread? ...But isn't Gluten BAD for you!?!??

Sep 4, 2014

Love Bread? ...But isn't Gluten BAD for you!?!??

There is no “one-size-fits-all” diet out there and not every body digests gluten very well. But unless you have Celiac disease (which is a very real thing!), you shouldn't necessarily give ...up bread just for the sake of being "healthy."

However, you SHOULD be choosy about the quality of the bread you consume. A true, traditionally baked artisan bread actually has many health benefits!

FUN FACT: The natural fermentation process that sours artisan bread creates a final product that is far easier to digest, thus the body can assimilate more nutrition without aggravating the intestinal tract.

Check out what Mark Sircus Ac., OMD has to say in his article "Sour Dough Bread and Health"
International Medical Veritas Association:

"Very basic sourdough bread that had once been fermented for a healthy 8 hours or more is not to be found anywhere except in ones own kitchen today. In commercial bread yeast levels are dramatically increased, accelerants and proving agents introduced including bromide, a known thyroid poison that was insanely substituted for iodine in the US. Fast-made bread is one of the most destructive implementations into the modern diet. It has become normal fare. Poorly-prepared and poorly-digested wheat is the chief contributor to the current plague of “gluten-intolerance,” obesity, diabetes, Candida diseases and many allergenic conditions all of which contribute to the conditions that cause cancer.

Only when wheat gluten is properly fermented is it healthy for human consumption. When not it is potentially one of the most highly allergenic foods we eat. It is similar to the controversy with soy which also can only be considered a health food if it is fermented long enough. Correctly fermented wheat contains 18 amino acids (proteins), complex carbohydrate (a super efficient source of energy), B vitamins, iron, zinc, selenium and magnesium, and maltase."


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