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Happy First Day of Fall!

Sep 23, 2015

Happy First Day of Fall!

As the colder weather approaches take your workouts up a notch or add an extra day! Try this work out below to help kick off the Fall season!

Mobility- Hip internal and external rotation
Hip lifts lying supine on the group
Couch Stretch
Hanging shoulder shrugs (Relax and hang 10 seconds, then contract 10seconds)

Active Warm-up- Squat (hold 30 seconds)→ Do 15 BW squats
Push-up (hold 30 seconds) → Do 15 Pushups
Split-Squat (hold 30 seconds each leg) → Do 10 each leg

Strength- Dumbbell Squat and Curl
Bent Over Rows
Elevated Reverse Splits Squats
Seated Over-head Press

Circuit- Ropes (30 seconds)
TRX Rows (15reps)
Slams (15reps)
Push-Sleds or Mt. Climbers (30 seconds)
-Repeat 3 times each and try to aim for under 7minutes

Cool Down- Cat-Camel (Round and un-round the back on all fours)
Active Straight leg Raise- Supine
Pigeon (Piriformis Stretch)
Upward and Downward Dog


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