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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

8 Week Progression
Initial 8 Week Progression
Amy Castle
After *

Amy Castle

                Making the decision to partner with Fitness Together has been a whirlwind of positive experiences. Losing weight was my initial goal and selfish as it may sound, I wanted to like my reflection in the mirror. After 8 weeks this primary goals was achieved (25 pounds lost!), but I have been able to gain so much more from the experience thus far than just lost weight.

               Taking the first step was difficult after I have tried and failed more "diet and exercise programs than I can count. I decided the accountability of working closely with the personal trainers would help keep me motivated and focused, so I gave it a try. I have never regretted this decision for a second!

               Working with the trainers one-on-one is so beneficial. I rely on the support from FT to keep me pushing myself during the workouts while receiving guidance and encouragement from the FT trainers. The one-on-one sessions really help zone in on my target areas for improvement. The combination of training options helps provide a variety of activities which challenge my body and prove I am capable of more than I ever believed.

               The trainers are all wonderful and I would recommend them to my family, friends, and others. They believe clients, just like me or you, can achieve their goals and area passionate about helping clients get to that next level of success. Personal training with Fitness Together taught me how to believe in myself. How to be happy AND healthy!

January 2012
May 2012
After *

Tiffany B.

Tiffany's Story:

I am Tiffany, 27 years old and have battled weight for years. Before I made the decision to join Fitness Together, I had tried every form of dieting imaginable! I had tried Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Metabolic Research, etc. I had taken Phentermine and other diet pills for years and always had very little luck with any of them. I would lose a few pounds and then put them right back on. I hated the way I looked in my clothes, I didn’t want to take pictures nor look in the mirror and barely would leave my house, unless to work or to go get something to eat. I knew that I had to make a change, but that I was not going to be able to do it alone -- based on my previous dieting plans. I wanted to go “back to the basics” of dieting and exercise – something I had never really tried. I made a decision to stop lying to myself, and for the first time, stop trying to do it alone.

 So at the beginning of January I called and spoke with Gretchen at Fitness Together. I went in and met with her and had more hope in that first meeting with her than I had in years. I felt like she really cared and she inspired me to commit to the process.  I agreed to see her 3 times a week, in one-on-one sessions, and to start following some dieting plans she laid out for me.

Although it was not easy, every time I met with her, the more accomplished I felt. I started to see the changes in my body and slowly started to have more energy.

Each day that I came it got a little bit easier. Gretchen planned new and fun workouts for me every week and I started to look forward to meeting with her to workout! (Which I swore I would never be excited to work out!) I also started to do some cardio on my own. I started walking 2-3 miles on the days that I was not working out with Gretchen, to try and speed up my results.

 Now, it is May and I have been working out at Fitness Together for 4 months! I have lost 52 pounds* since the beginning of the year! I can now run 4 miles without stopping! I went down 8 pant sizes* and can actually wear a 2 piece swimsuit! I feel better than I have ever felt in my life!

 I would recommend Fitness Together to anyone who is serious about getting healthy. Not only have I lost a lot of weight, I feel better and more healthy than I can ever remember feeling. In the past, I never felt comfortable going to a gym. I felt intimidated and out of place. I didn’t know how to use most of the machines and I was great at coming up with every excuse on why not to exercise. At Fitness Together, they truly make you feel comfortable. You never feel intimidated or out of place. You learn so much about exercise, eating healthy and about changing your lifestyle.  I am so thankful for what I have learned through these trainers over the last few months. I have my pride and confidence back…and most importantly – my life!


After *

Eric V.

Eric's Story:

April 2, 2013

Why a personal trainer?   Inch-by-inch and pound-by-pound, I was slowly losing the battle.  On my own, it seemed the best I could do was to keep my weight within a five-pound range, but over time, the range kept sliding up.  Clearly, my approaches weren’t working.  So, at the mid-century of life, with a family history of ever-increasing waist lines, it was time for a better strategy.

What my needs /goals were? 

1)      Lose inches and pounds:  My 38” jeans were getting far too comfortable while my 36” uniform pants were quite the opposite.  Even though I began without a specific weight loss destination in mind, I estimated that erasing 15 pounds from the 212 I started with would be a good first step.

2)      Increase overall fitness level / strength:  It’s no secret that without individual effort, age and fitness level /strength are inversely related.  I knew that I was on the wrong trajectory and there’s just too much living ahead of me to want to continue in that direction.

3)      Gain flexibility / improve posture:  Like many people, my work involves sitting most of each day.  Having never been overly flexible even as a teen, I knew I was losing this fight, too.   Concurrently, a quick look at those who are only a few years my senior reveals a distinct difference in posture between the fit and the average.   Why strive for average?

How my expectations were met?   When I joined FT late last September, my annual Air Force Reserve Physical Fitness Test was less than a month away.  With the added focus courtesy of my FT workouts, I set a personal best on test day.  By November, those 36” pants were getting comfy again and I actually lost weight & inches throughout the holiday season!*  Great results have been the hallmark of the first quarter of this year, too:  increasing flexibility, decreasing body fat, a reading on the scales I haven’t seen since the 1990s and the ability to do more push-ups than I’ve done since Officer Training School.

Thoughts / feelings about the personal training experience at Lakewood FT:  The personal focus of one-on-one training is unlike anything I’ve tried before.  Having a dedicated trainer with a plan to meet my individual goals has worked extremely well and I wish I’d started years ago.  I’ve also enjoyed getting to know each of the trainers as well as the other clients.  The familiarity of the small-studio setting has fostered a comfortable climate and enabled workouts to actually be fun.  It also brings a level of accountability and subsequent motivation that would be much more difficult to sustain in a large facility.

Would you recommend personal training at Lakewood FT to others? / Why?  I would and I have!  The staff’s ability to take you from your current level of fitness, develop a personalized plan and then coach you into becoming a healthier “you” is essential, especially for those of us who’ve already logged a few decades on the planet.  Combine its convenient location, flexible schedule and very positive atmosphere, and FT becomes THE place to get and stay FIT in Lee’s Summit.

Any additional thoughts and experiences to share:  Some progress is measurable, some is more subtle.  Yes, I’ve enjoyed the experience of watching my fitness stats moving in the “right” direction, but perhaps even more importantly, I just, “feel better”.  I now accomplish life’s daily activities with ease, and I know that the FT Team could prepare me for most any physical endeavor I’d care to attempt.

And I’m really looking forward to this year’s water ski season!

After *


Catherine’s Story:

I desperately needed a challenging, disciplined exercise program that would be both beneficial, and fun to do. I have found that working with Fitness Together is one of the best things I have done for myself in years. They offer a customized program, designed specifically for me, including working around several long time injuries. The trainers have pushed me far beyond my imagination. I believe I am in the best physical shape in my life.

When I arrived at FT, I found that I had actually lost 2 inches from my meager 5'1" frame. The FT trainers told me "'you can get that back". And I have! Two inches!!!* I had my annual physical this week and the doctor told me that he was so proud of the effort on my spine/ posture, back muscle tone, and that I am the picture of health. The increase in my height and posture were validated at the doctor visit. Additionally, I am not the most coordinated of individuals and coupled with a badly broken ankle as a child, and a later broken foot several years ago, I had all kinds of excuses to not work out. But FT has worked with me to mitigate the old injuries while firming and toning my body beyond what it has been in a long time.

I have learned that a good exercise program with a GREAT trainer can exceed expectations, both in terms fitness but all in terms of overall health. I value and deeply respect the Fitness Together. The trainers are all so terrific.  Other clients training in the facility are all wonderful people. FT is a clean facility that offers far more than I have received in larger fitness centers. I have been a member of other clubs and group exercise events over the years but have yet to have the personal experience and gratification as I do with FT. Regaining my posture and height, toning my muscles and building strength in a comfortable, clean and congenial environment is the best experience I have ever had in physical fitness and personal training.



Damion McIntosh

Damion’s Story:

"I needed additional help in losing weight and getting in shape for the football season, so I decided to try a personal trainer and had heard great things about Fitness Together Lakewood.  My needs and goals were also to improve core strength and flexibility.  My expectations were met…. I lost 40 lbs and decreased my body fat percentage by 20%*, and got a lot stronger in my core.  I love the one on one training, they know what to do and it’s never the same routine.  I would recommend Fitness Together – Lakewood to others because it would benefit anyone, in all aspects".

Donna N.

Donna’s Story:

"I had been attending various exercise classes at a local health club for years, loved the classes and the socializing while my husband had been coming to Fitness Together for two years with incredible results.  I knew I needed to really focus on building core strength, so I decided to give Fitness Together a shot.  I could see immediate results.  I was working harder under a personal trainer’s guidance in a private setting than I could ever push myself at the gym.  For each of my sessions, Gretchen creates the workout for me with emphasis on the areas that I need.  My goal of building core strength was met and exceeded.  I am doing exercises that I have not been able to do for years after having children".

"So much can be accomplished in the 45 minute sessions.  I would highly recommend the personal training staff at the Lakewood Fitness Together.  I have worked with each one and I love them all.   My friends and family have noticed how toned I have become…. I am hooked!  I plan to be a client of the Lakewood Fitness Together for a long time to come".

Kendra and Darryl F.

Kendra and Darryl's Story:

“We decided to try personal training at FT/Lakewood to improve our workouts, be pushed harder, and receive better workouts than we could do ourselves. We started with the goals of getting in better shape by losing weight and improving strength and flexibility.  We were given personalized plans to meet our goals and needs, with adjustments to our health and fitness issues when needed.  In addition to weight loss and body composition improvements, we are feeling much stronger and have more endurance.   We feel our training experience has been excellent!  We like it because we have been pushed harder than we would have pushed ourselves, so we get a lot more out of our workouts”. 

“We recommend personal training at FT/Lakewood because of the personal attention, the quality of workouts, and knowledgeable and motivated trainers who help you reach your personal goals.  We have been very impressed by the depth of knowledge and energy with all the trainers at Fitness Together-Lakewood and consider them friends”.


I decided to do personal training at Fitness Together because I wanted to improve my core strength and reduce pain that I was having in my knees and low back.  I wanted to lose 30 lbs.  Then once I lost the 30 lbs*, I felt so good that I went for 15 more, with a total of 45lbs lost.*  After the weight loss, I needed to keep putting on more muscle.  My expectations are being met….I have stronger joints and my back and knees feel great.  After losing 30 lbs I was able to run again!!*

Working out with my PACK and other clients at Fitness Together has been very motivating and rewarding.  I love getting to work out with my wife and daughter too. 

I would recommend training at Fitness Together because the attention you receive during the training works and the accountability is important!  I have also been battling a scar tissue injury in my shoulder.  Gretchen and the other trainers have helped me lessen the pain and improve my mobility and strength.

After *

John L.

John's Story:

I joined Fitness Together a little over three years ago.  I was searching for something different to achieve my fitness goals. 

Prior to joining I lived a sedentary life coupled with poor eating habits.   I was the epitome of the “yoyo” dieter and exerciser.  My efforts to lose weight equated to extreme diet and exercise.  Like many, I would see results fast but in a matter of months I would be back to my old ways and old weight.

The first step to achieving the long-term results I desired, was to find a workout regimen that was realistic, sustainable and consistent.  It would hold me accountable by regularly scheduled appointments and test me physically each and every session.  I found that with Fitness Together.

The second step was to fully commit to myself and my health, especially when it came to the fuel I was providing my body.  Gretchen and her team educated me on the proper foods for recovery, fat loss and muscle building.  They showed me it didn’t have to be “all or nothing” when it came to eating.

The underlying theme in all of this--moderation and consistency. 

I have 3 training sessions per week and I eat a relatively moderate diet paying close attention to calorie intake, but never depriving myself of the occasional pizza or burger.  In the last eight months I’ve dropped 27 lbs*., decreased my waist measurement by 6 inches, and my total body fat percentage went from 25% to 12.25%.*

One thing is for sure, I would never have achieved these results without the team from Fitness Together.

John Lovell


My son wanted to try out for a competitive 6th grade football team and wasn’t in the best of shape.  He wanted to lose some pounds and become more agile.  My goal for Jahmari was for him to be able to complete a 2 hour practice without being totally spent and to improve his conditioning.  My expectations have been exceeded at Fitness Together.  The workouts were tailored for his specific sport and he did some of the same type of workouts that ended up being what he did for football also, so he was prepared.

Working out at FT was a FANTASTIC experience for Jahmari.  He loved the workouts and trainers, not once did he not want to come and work out. We have already recommended Fitness Together Lakewood to others and will continue, it is an awesome place to get fit!

My son’s self confidence and fitness level has increased three fold in such a short time.  He is no longer the last kid finishing in practice.  My one goal for him when we started was for him to be able to properly do push-ups.  He couldn’t do ONE prior to FT and now he’s doing 20 in practice properly!  He was so ashamed before and now with the help of Fitness Together, he is so much happier and confident.  We look forward to returning to FT after football to continue his workouts!  The trainers are GREAT!! Thanks so much for all you have done for him…..This was money well spent.

This is a picture from last weekend’s tournament championship in Savannah, Mo.  I want to THANK each of you for the work you did with Jahmari.  He’s more confident and assertive now, your trainers are AWESOME!!



Carol H.

Carol's Story

Trying to find me again

I decided to start working with a personal trainer in January of 2012 to help with several different aspects of my overall health, and fitness.

My journey begins in May of 1990.  I had a bleed in my left cerebellum in an asymptomatic AVM (Arterial Venous Malformation).  The doctors at KU were able to stabilize me.   Due to the bleed, surgery for removal of the AVM was no longer optional.  KU was not capable of handling my case at that time.   Zale Lipshy, a new neurological hospital affiliated with the University of Texas, reviewed my case and thought their team could take it on.  I was off to Dallas.

On May 10, 1990 my life was saved by an incredible team of doctors and their staff. The AVM was surgically extracted with only a nudge of the nerve involved with left facial function, balance and multiple other stroke-like issues.

 I was faced with many challenges. It was as though I had a stroke on the left side of my body with a few additional issues, including double vision, loss of hearing in my left ear, and little sense of balance which made me nauseous most of the time. Eventually I was released back to the doctors and physical therapists in Kansas City.

Still in a wheel chair and holding down little nourishment, I faced months of rehabilitation to regain my independence.

Fast forward to January, 2012; I have had numerous surgeries, physical therapists and trainers. I lead an independent life with help from family and my husband Tom, who has been by my side every step of the way.

Tom and I live on a 26 acre ranch. Riding and exercising our horses are my passions and also a sport where I find success attainable. Working horses and handling the tack requires a great deal of strength, which I lacked.  I decided to seek a personal trainer to help.

Thankfully, I came to Fitness Together (FT) Lakewood, where I met Gretchen, and she said she would absolutely work with me to attain my goals of more strength and improved balance.  At first she took the time to get to know how my body was working, what my neuromuscular system could handle, without over working me.  Gretchen developed a program, working at a pace where I could have personal success with attainable goals. This was important because the therapists and trainers I had been with before did not tailor to my needs, I would not see success, and then would give up.  Now I have the right attention and awareness that have brought personal, mental, and physical success.  Now, my saddle is easily lifted on to the back of my horse.  I have more energy, stamina, and my balance has improved dramatically!

I look forward to coming to my workouts.  Gretchen develops great relationships with the clients, by taking the time to understand us; where we currently are and how we need to go about meeting our goals.  In the past exercise has never been enjoyable, but now I can honestly say that my workouts are fun!

On the days that I do not get trained, I work with my horses.  I can ride them twice a day now where previously it was a challenge to get in once. 

Peter S.

Peter's Story:

In all honesty, it was not me who decided to participate in my first sessions at Fitness Together at the beginning of the summer, it was my mom. With the massive amount of schoolwork and video games I was playing towards the end of my freshman year of high school, I had stopped running and had become a bit overweight and out of shape as a result. Being only fifteen and one of the younger clients, I was a bit shy before going into my first session at Fitness Together; however, even during my very first workout, I felt welcomed by both the trainers and other clients. By the end of the workout, I was more fatigued than I had been in a while, and, actually, I liked it. Like I said, my mother made me go to the sessions for a while in the beginning; it wasn’t until a couple weeks or so after my first session that I actually wanted to go to the sessions. Even then, my motivation was only because my parents had come up with a plan that stated in order to play video games, I had to lose weight. The plan was set out in three stages of weight loss, each granting a certain amount of time per day: 5 pounds lost meant that I could play on the weekends, 10 pounds lost meant I could play 8-12 at night during the week, and 15 pounds lost meant that I could play unlimited.* As I progressed through multiple sessions three times a week at Fitness Together starting in June, my endurance and weight loss goals were quickly being met, and within two weeks, I had lost 5 pounds*. Within another two weeks, I had lost 10 pounds*, and in about the middle of July, I had lost the fifteen pounds* I had to lose to play unlimited games. Yet, here I am, in late August, and I still went to my Fitness Together sessions, not because I have a certain goal or because my mom is making me, I do it because it’s ironically fun to workout at Fitness Together. I’ve made good friends with all of the clients I know, and the trainers are excited for you to succeed. You can tell that the trainers don’t just spontaneously generate workouts for you to do when you walk in; rather, they plan out the workouts with deep thought beforehand and make them according to what will push you to the best of your ability to help you achieve your goals. The trainers are right when they say, “It’s not supposed to be easy.” Because of this, I now can run a mile in about 6 minutes, an unthinkable task before I started at Fitness Together. When I see results, like my mile time, that have come from my sessions.… gives me motivation to keep coming back for more and having a blast while doing so.

Anthony H.

Anthony's Story:

I decided to try a fitness trainer because I had tried to lose weight on my own and was not able to see any real improvements. In addition, I wanted to reduce my stress level and subsequent high blood pressure. My initial goal was to lose 10 pounds, however, I quickly realized through working with the trainers at FT that I needed a lifestyle change to lose weight and keep it fro...m finding me again.

FT has so much more to offer than just lifting weights or mindlessly walking on the treadmill. I have been able to increase not only my strength but also my cardio through a variety of different exercises and activities. A tremendous benefit to FT is that you are not doing the exact same grind, day-in, day-out. I have also learned so much more about what I have been eating and how just some slight changes in what you are eating can have a tremendous impact.

Although losing weight was initially my only goal*, I have since lost several inches from my waist* and have been able to fit into some clothes I thought I would not be able to wear again. I have also participated in my first 5K and plan on doing 2 more in the coming year.

My experience at Lakewood FT has been a very positive one as you really are not just another face in a crowd, but a part of a family. FT is probably not for everyone, however, I would recommend FT to anyone who is seriously looking to improve their overall total health and well being.

Donnie C.

Donnie's Story:

I decided to hire a personal trainer at Fitness Together because I was at a point in my career/ life where I needed someone to push me to my limits and make me accountable to my workouts. My goals were to lose weight and gain muscle and start living a healthier life style. The trainers at Fitness Together – Lakewood came up with a program that works for me and allows me to reach... my goals. I feel that the trainers here are fair, but they push you above and beyond your expectations.
I would recommend personal training at Fitness Together – Lakewood because I always look forward to working out there with the trainers and all the clients. It is like a family atmosphere. If it wasn’t for Fitness Together, I would be struggling by myself to reach my goals. You need someone to hold you accountable!

Mike H.

Mike's Story:

I hired a personal trainer at Fitness Together Lakewood for more motivation and accountability for my workouts. I had some goals of reducing body fat and increasing my core strength. My expectations were met! I lost 14lbs and went from 28% body fat to 19% in 6 weeks!* My personal training experience at Lakewood FT has been outstanding! I am impressed with the expertise of all of the staff, thank you Gretchen! I recommend personal training at Lakewood FT to others because you get a complete workout that most people will not do at home.


Danny M.

Danny's Story:

I contacted Lakewood Fitness Together because I needed help.  I wasn’t having any success on my own.  I realized that exercising on my own was hit and miss at best.  Motivation, Knowledge, and Accountability are the main factors that the personal trainers have provided me.  They help promote success in reaching and maintaining your health and fitness goals.

My needs and goals were weight loss, increased strength, better eating habits, and overall health improvements.  My expectations were met and exceeded!  I have lost almost 27lbs to date.*  My strength has greatly improved with an overall balance between upper and lower body.  I have also noticed a big improvement in the sports activities that I participate in.

My experience with personal training at Lakewood FT has been great.  The trainers are professional, experienced, very knowledgeable, and friendly.  They guide you very effectively towards your fitness goals.  The trainers provided me with structure and accountability also through the Nutrition Together program.  It helps me think about my food choices and I still journal and reference the materials they provide.  It has helped me develop healthy habits with food and makes me think about my choices.

I have been bowling for 40 years and because of my success with FT, I have had my highest score ever!  I have taken time off of my running, have gotten involved in more runs, and I recover quicker after runs.  I would highly recommend the personal training at Lakewood FT because I have discovered it takes one on one training with a professional to get in overall shape. A membership to the local gym, solely, will not achieve the balanced fitness that an FT personal trainer provides.

Lori N.

Lori's Story:

I decided to hire a personal trainer because as I got older, I noticed that every month my weight went up 1 or 2 pounds.  When my weight approached the weight of when I had my daughter, I had had enough.  I knew I had to get control of things before it got any worse.  I am not a great self motivator.  I knew that I needed someone to guide me and push me.  My goal was to lose some weight, but more importantly I wanted to be in better shape. I needed to tone up and become healthier for myself and my family.

With the personal training sessions, I was able to see the weight start coming off.  I felt stronger and I had more energy.*  The variety of the sessions kept me interested in working out.  This helped me lose more weight which in turn has also motivated me to keep going.  The personal training sessions were exactly what I needed to get started.  The trainers are fun and energetic.  As I see my results, I am more motivated to continue. 

I would recommend personal training at Lakewood FT to everyone who feels like they just don’t have time to work out.  You will have a scheduled workout time that works for you and you are accountable for being there and giving 100%.  I have never liked to exercise but with the training at Lakewood FT, I look forward to my workouts.  I have seen the results of my hard work and I am inspired to keep going.  I want to be in the best shape of my life and I know that FT is helping me get there!