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Warming Up is a Must

Aug 10, 2017

There are a number of reasons why the warm up is an important part of any training session. Most people fall into two categories:” I just woke up”, or” I just got out of rush hour traffic”. Either way muscles are stiff and cold. Think of muscles as bubble gum. A cold stick of gum is stiff, but as you chew it becomes pliable, and they start moving and stretching with more fluidity.

Warm up increases muscle temp, which helps reduce injury. You get the cardiorespiratory system working. As temps rise in the body blood vessels dilate causing better blood flow. This means less stress on the heart. When the temps rise oxygen does not stick the hemoglobin as well. Muscles get the oxygen they need to perform at a higher level, whether it’s strength or endurance.

As the muscles warm up the range of motion improves and so does the muscle contraction rate. There is also better communication between the brain and muscles. The warm up process speeds up nerve impulses. Mental preparation has begun; use this time to clear your mind. Put aside a few minutes for the 45 minutes to prepare for what workout you have today or to release tension from what has happened throughout the day. Focus on your health during this time.


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