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New Year - New You with SMART goals!

Jan 3, 2013

New Year - New You!

40 to 45% of American adult make one or more resolutions each year.

Among the top new years resolutions are resolutions about weight loss, exercise, and stopping to smoke.

The following shows how many of these resolutions are maintained as time goes on:
- past the first week: 75%
- past 2 weeks: 71%
- after one month: 64%
- after 6 months: 46%

While a lot of people who make new years resolutions do break them, research shows that making resolutions is useful. People who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don't explicitly make resolutions. What has been proven to help people keep their resolutions alive are: Inspirational thoughts, Leadership on how to make and keep them, and a proactive attitude! Well there you go!.....We at Fitness Together are going to help you be successful with your New Year resolutions, by doing all three of these!!

Let's focus on the here and now and making our daily habits, healthy ones. Instead of putting it out there as I will, or I am going to... Right now, everyday, let's say and do healthy habits. We can do this by creating SMART goals! Be real with your goals, and make them specific, measurable, attainable, Realistic, and Time oriented. If you have not already set these with one of our fabulous trainers, please do so, you will be happy you did! Also, be sure to get your FIT evaluation scheduled NOW!! Make an extra appointment to come in during the week in addition to your session and start this year off right! We are here to help make your goals...reality!


Schedule a complimentary fit evaluation so we can get to know you and your goals and build you a customized training program to reach them.