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Justin Goins


Justin Goins is a hardworking young man who became acquainted with FT first through his job delivering packages to us. Although he did not have any health problems at the time he knew he needed to change his life if he wanted to stay that way. He set a personal goal to lose 100lbs and seven months ago he walked through our doors to become part of the Fitness Together family. He joined a couple of PACK classes and was eager to learn from the trainers about nutrition. He committed to 2,000 calories per day and was faithful to exercise on his off-days.

The work was grueling at first, but his hard work PAID OFF. He is now down 100lbs from where he started and doesn’t plan on stopping.

His next goal is to get below 200lbs and be at 15% body fat.

He has also:

  • lost a total of 39 inches in his chest, waist, and hips

  • lost 14% of his body fat

  • increased his strength, flexibility, and aerobic capacity.