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Rose Foster


Rose Foster has been a Fitness Together - Hardin Valley client since February 2010. Since joining, she notes that the biggest difference besides feeling better and having more energy is her change in blood pressure, sleeping better at night, and a more active lifestyle in the day. The results from Rose's last evaluation certainly reflect all of her hard work!

- Lost 25 lbs. and 22 inches total!*

- Increased from 17 to 50 push-ups!*

- Increased her bench press from 54 lbs to 100 lbs (an 85% improvement).*

- Improved low back and hamstring flexibility by 38%.*

 She enjoys the variety of exercises she gets while working out at Fitness Together, as well as the team of trainers and their complementary training styles. 

"The trainer/client rapport is great; they all show genuine interest in my goals and what I am trying to accomplish. I only have a few more pounds to lose, but I will continue to exercise the rest of my life.  Even my husband loves the results that I've gotten, both in mky physical changes as well as the mental and emotional benefits I've gotten.   Fitness Together has given me the foundation and drive that I need to carry on!"

 Congratulations on your great results Rose, and thanks for your hard work and commitment.  Clients like you keep us going!