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Joel Roettger From Desk Jockey to Pull-Up Machine!


Meet Joel Roettger, our October 2011 Client of the Month!  Joel started training at FT about 1 ½ yrs. ago because “I wanted to get back in shape after years of sitting behind a desk.  I tried working out on my own but after a few weeks I couldn’t stick with it and lost my motivation – other programs just didn’t work for me.  I was too busy at work and needed motivation and accountability.  I liked the idea of having a program tailored toward me by trainers who understand my needs and goals and who will push me harder.  Since starting, I’ve noticed increased energy and endurance as well as an increase in overall strength and broader shoulders.

And Joel’s numbers don’t lie!

- Lost 3.5 % body fat*

- Increased from 25 to 49 push-ups*
From 2 to 17 pull-ups*
Resting heart rate is down by 11 beats/minute*

Joel and his wife (and FT client) just had a baby girl, and Joel intends to stay active and healthy as she grows up.  He also hopes to increase his bench press weight and his flexibility moving forward.  Based on his effort and gains so far, there’s no doubt he will do it!

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