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Personal Training Success Stories

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Member since July 2016

In July of 2016 I had a wake-up call that required a complete change in my approach towards my physical health. This was as much of a mental transformation as it was physical. At 306 lbs and 31 y/o - I realized I had a lot more life ahead of me and even more to offer. I started with the first step, and then the second. Walking around my neighborhood was as much as I could do up until December. By December I had made considerable progress both physically and mentally. I was seeing progress, but wanted to take it to the next level. Cue Fitness Together. With the help of Steve and Chase, I have been educated and pushed to bring out my better self. At the end of February, with their help, I am now 231 lbs and have lost a total of 15 inches. My body fat % continues to fall at an aggressive rate. With their training guidance, a steady diet, and a mental metamorphosis I am confident that I am on track to a healthy and happy lifetime ahead.

Grant S

Member since July 2016

"After much hesitation and procrastination I joined Fitness Together five months ago.  I have always been interested in health and nutrition, but as I got older I rationalized that a little extra weight and a decreased level of fitness were natural and acceptable.  Once I met my personal trainer Jeannie, I realized I had it all wrong.  She was living proof that you can be very trim and fit at any age.  She was and is the perfect trainer for me.  After five short months I am now at the lowest weight I have been in forty years, and my blood pressure is lower than I can recall.  Most importantly though, my mindset has changed and I intend on remaining fit and healthy for the rest of my life.  Thank you Jeannie, and thank you Fitness Together."


Member since April 2016

For my 26th birthday on March 30th of this year I made a commitment to myself to get back into shape, and more importantly, get healthier. I had already been following a really good diet for around 6 months, but knew I needed to add fitness into the mix to truly achieve my goals. I luckily found Fitness Together through a Google search and had my first workout with Jeannie the next week. In the 3 months I have been working with Jeannie I have lost 75 pounds and have gone down 8 pant sizes. Overall, since September I have lost 140 pounds and have gone down 20 pant sizes. The one thing I love about FT is that Jeannie is able to adapt my workout plan weekly. I have very troublesome joints and feel like every time we start a session my first line is “(ankle, knee, or hip) isn’t feeling well today.” Without a beat she will amend her plan for the day and still allow me to get a very good workout in! I have really enjoyed my time so far and I can’t wait to complete my ultimate journey of losing 200 pounds by my 27th birthday next March!

Mario Vellotta

Member since September 2006

I was 51, soon to turn 52 years old and for at least five years I had wanted to get into shape. I was overweight and had knee, ankle, and back problems, and no energy. I am a contractor and just the daily routine of activity was not doing anything positive for me.I wanted to be in better shape going into my fifties and in better health overall.

I had tried a couple of gyms in the past but a combination of my lack of commitment and knowledge of what to do led me to frustration and discouragement - which created me to start missing my workouts and finally giving up all together. When I received a flier from Fitness Together, I thought - What a perfect idea! I called right away and spoke to Chuck. That very afternoon I was able to see the facility and go over options for a one-on-one training session in my own workout room.No waiting, no guess work and very private.Fitness Together was able to accommodate my travel schedule, helped me with my nutrition, and got me started in the right direction.

I am now 45 pounds lighter,* much stronger overall - I am even getting ripped - and all  of the aches and pains in the past are no longer an issue. I just love this place! What a great environment and the trainers are just great to learn from - it truly has changed my life.I can honestly recommend Fitness Together to everyone. To all those people who are in the same boat that I was in ... Just Do It!

Bridgette Takeuchi

Member since August 2006

Fitness Together pushed me to achieve personal goals that I didn't even know were possible to achieve. I always shoot for the moon to land among the stars, but Fitness Together took me to the moon and beyond! I would've been very happy losing 15 pounds, but with Fitness Together I lost over 45 pounds!* I didn't even know that I had that much to lose. I have never been happier with my body or myself - ever! I went from a body fat % of 30% to 16%*. I even started to believe more in my strength and look - I had Wyatt continue to train me for the Emerald Cup. What an experience! I finished in 6th place - not bad for my first competition. I will always think of FT in the best of ways and will always thank them for changing my way of thinking about everything.

Trista Charlton

Member since December 2005

When I started to work out at Fitness Together in 2005 - I was at the heaviest I have ever been. I really needed help - both emotionally and physically. I didn't know where and how to start. I went online and found Fitness Together and others and made visits and thought Fitness Together was the best fit. I was right on with my choice. I have lost over 80 pounds* and my body fat % went from 42% to 24%*.

On the volleyball court I've made some amazing digs, I would have never believed I would be playing volleyball again - delighting my teammates and earning kudos from our opponents. The best part is leaving invigorated over 50 minutes of play. If we finish our games early, I've gone home and challenged my roommate to push-up contests. Amazing. I know with the training and nutritional support I've found at Fitness Together I'll continue to become my ideal fit self. An encouraging "I know you can do this" gets me started and really pushing myself harder than I normally would. What a difference they have made for me and my life.

Catherine Greene

Member since 2003

I was very apprehensive when I first walked in the door at Fitness Together. I then met the owner and thought how am I going to be able to workout with this trainer without feeling embarrassed about myself and how heavy I had become. Fitness Together changed all that and more. Like I said - I was at the heaviest of my life. By working out with someone with strong expertise about personal training and changing my eating habits and really caring about my progress - I quickly gained strength without injury or even a great deal of soreness. By mid year I was well on my way to exceeding my goals.

My results have been well beyond my original expectations! I have lost over 50 pounds*, going from a size 16 to a size 6.* All of my old aches and pains have evaporated and I wake up each day feeling great!* I have confidence in myself that I never had before in my life. Chuck is actually teaching me the art of self defense through boxing and hitting the big bag - I would have never thought about this before. I always look forward to my next workout. Fitness Together has changed my Life.

Michael Aldridge


Celebrating - In four months I have dropped my Body Fat from 26.6% to 18.7%*, lost 10 pounds*, gained muscle mass, now I do 59 situps compared to 24 situps when I started, and 53 pushups compared to 23 pushups - in 1 minute.Thanks to Chuck at Fitness Together Kirkland for my nutrition plan and lifting,butt kicking 3 times a week. The journey continues, I have got below 175 pounds* for the first time in 2 years. 10 more pounds to go.