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Staying Motivated to Move When it is Dark, Rainy and Cold

Staying Motivated to Move When it is Dark, Rainy and Cold

Steve Dempsey

It’s that time of year when the daylight disappears, the rain picks up and the temps drop. And you need to get out of bed (or keep from hearing the couch call your name) and MOVE. How? Whether you are a morning person or evening person, indoors or outdoors, here are some tips to keep moving in the cold, dark and wet season.

If you are preparing to exercise outdoors, warm up indoors. It is tough getting motivated to move when you are cold and heading out to the cold. Warm up indoors. That will get the blood flowing and and make it seem warmer outside.

Set a spring fitness goal. Weather it is a fun run, marathon or a bike ride, having something to work towards will increase your motivation. If you are doing an event, registering and paying for the event is another good way to keep motivated. You’ve paid for it, you might as well follow thru.

Book a winter swimsuit vacation. Everybody wants to look good in their swimsuit. Having a mid-winter swimsuit vacation will keep you motivated to keep the gains you made over the summer.

Sleep in your workout clothes. If you are in your workout clothes already, that is one less excuse to not move.  Just make sure your clothes are clean.

Don’t hit snooze. It’s only nine minutes…which becomes 18 which becomes…. Get up and get moving.

Set your alarm to workout music. Play your workout playlist on the way home. If you have your workout music playing, it gets you in the mood to move. Set the tone to move as soon as you get up or get to your car.

Mix it up.  Don’t get stuck in a rut. Here at Fitness Together, the trainers will work with you to change your workout on a regular basis.

So following some of these tips will get you moving no matter how dark, dreary and blah the weather.