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Health Benefits of Exercise

Health Benefits of Exercise

Steve Dempsey

The cover story of the September  1 issue of Time Magazine covers the health benefits of exercise. A summary of the article is here:

If you get a chance, take a look at the complete article. It is a great read. New studies are being funded by the NIH to really measure the medical benefits of movement and exercise. The studies are long term studies looking at the physical as well as mental benefits of exercise. The studies will also look at how exercise may improve the medication that doctors prescribe. This may lead to doctors prescribing exercise to compliment the medicine.

What many people may not know is that prior to the late 1900s, doctors prescribed exercise to treat a myriad of diseases. Then, with the discovery of pills, that knowledge went by the wayside. Now there is an effort to revive the “exercise as medicine” philosophy in medical circles.

We as trainers hear from our clients on a regular basis how exercise makes them feel better in a number of ways. Soon we will have “proof” about the benefits of exercise.