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Farming your Wellness

Farming your Wellness

Gregory Susinger RD


Nutrition First
With Gregory Susinger RD  

“Vibrant health is based on natural principles. It grows over time out of regular exercise, proper nutrition, adequate rest, a healthy mind-set, avoiding substances that are harmful to the body. But instead of paying the price, we’re caught up in the illusion of appearance—the fantasy that the right clothes, the right makeup, the quick-fix weight-loss programs (actually proven to contribute to the long-term problem instead of solving it) will fulfill our physical need. It’s an empty promise. It brings short-term satisfaction, but it’s cotton candy. There’s no substance to it. It doesn’t last.“   

Stephen R. Covey, First Things First

In my previous articles, I have discussed some of the mechanisms that affect weight loss. But, these are techniques that influence weight. The quote that I have highlighted for you is a principle. Principles stand above techniques. They are independent of techniques. If you have heard of Stephen, then you may be aware of the many principles he sets forth throughout his teachings. Many of them apply to health and wellness. A strong metaphor of his is the farm, or the Law of the farm. Our health is a system that is governed by the many decisions we make over a period of time. The key is over a period of time.

Imagine that you work on a farm. How successful would you believe your farm to be if the day before harvest you watered your crops for the year? If you fertilized and performed all of the daily tasks that are required over the life of the growing season in one day or one week? It seems obvious in this context that your crops would not grow. Our bodies are governed by this same principle. We are a reflection of the decisions that we make over the period of our life.

I encourage you to consider this principle while tackling your fitness and wellness endeavors. This principle is especially true of nutrition. Set a stage for healthy choices that you can sustain. Avoid the idea of watering before harvest, and take pleasure in your green thumb abilities.

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